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Apostolic Church Spotlight: Lucas Temple True Church Of God In Christ Scottdale (Atlanta), GA

Lucas Temple True Church of God in Christ

Address: 679 Glendale Road Scottdale , GA 30079

Phone Number: 404-292-0470

Pastor: Bishop Oprie Jeffries – Overseer of the True Church

I’ll have to be honest, I really did not know that there were churches here in the Atlanta area that not only were Apostolic but were just like the Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ (by that I mean veils, hats and outward and inward holiness) but again with the help of youtube I’ve stumbled on yet another church that deserves to be in our Apostolic Church spotlight section right here in Atlanta. I just might have to sneak on over one Sunday morning and get a good dance in with Lucas Temple True Church Of God In Christ. Choir is kinda nice too. Lucas Temple, yall are alright with me. I sooooo love traditional apostolic worship! Tambourines???? Like who plays those anymore in church. We need to bring all hand instruments back to the church (yall remember those days dont yall, the wash boards, spoons, maracas and tambourines)


  1. Ok not judging anyone but you dont want to go there, Im apostolic but these folks dont shout, quicken or speak in tongues they can sing and the music is off the chain but there is nothing more to them than that, they’re very religious and traditional, jus pray for them that they may get a revelation.

  2. I would agree with the above poster… I believe they somehow descended from Bishop SC Johnson’s ministry. They do not believe in celebrating Christmas or Easter. They believe in receiving the Holy Ghost, evidence of speaking in tongues; however they are nothing like COOLJC. COOLJC know how to have church…. True COGIC is pretty dead, though.

  3. To correct the above person, True Church of God in Christ does not believe speaking in tongues is the evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost. They are not Apostolic or Pentecostal… They say “Apostle’s Doctrine” because they are Oneness, and they believe in Jesus’ name baptism, however they do not receive the Holy Ghost. They did not descend from Bishop Johnson’s ministry either.

    So to advise you, they aren’t like COOLJC at all lol ;D You can visit if you want, but they don’t have a full revelation of truth. I’ve talked to their ministers before and they are pretty set in their ways.


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