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Look Who Has A New Album: The Voices Of Citadel

James Hall Presents Voices Of Citadel – Won’t It Be Wonderful

Let me give you some background on this choir. As you all know, I grew up in New York City and sang on THE BADDEST community and church choir’s there are up there in New York City (thats where I get my sickening vibrato from…ya heard!!!!) but NO ONE (and I mean NO ONE) can top The Voices Of Citadel. I use to sneak over to this church for choir anniversaries, easter sunday and watch night services and when I tell you we would have stomp down church, we’d have church! That James Hall is going to have a special place in Heavens Mass Choir you hear me. Nothing can compare to the skillful art of his musicianship (and I am so tired of people sleeping on this choir). You mean to tell me you’d prefer to have Mary Mary in scantily clad clothing lead you to the throne room than a choir (that still wears robes by the way) like The Voices Of Citadel? I only have 3 words to say POWER, ANOINTED and VIBRATO!!!!!!!! Go buy the album. Its on Itunes as we speak. You’ll see for yourself. (and dont try to order the sheet music and try to place this in your church on Sunday morning, you’ll mess it up. These chords that James Hall plays arent even on the scale. You’ll have to wait until the rapture to get these chords ya heard!) If you are ever in the New York City area and feel like making it out to Brooklyn, NY you need to check them out for a Sunday morning worship. Bring your dancing shoes because they DO like to dance a lot and get ready for a live recording because this choir brings their “A” game every time they sing!

**shaking my head** Sickening, just sickening! Now how’s that for a stocking stuffer!

I was on youtube and this dude did a preview of the album. Thought I’d share it. Like he says “GO BUY THE ALBUM!!!”

Itunes $9.99 key word Voices Of Citadel


  1. i haven’t been in to much that james hall has put out in a while, though i was a huge fan back in the early 90s. his sound is definitely unique and his musicianship is impeccable. What i don’t understand is his and the choir’s style. What’s with the sunglasses? And the vibrato, though many like the heavy vibrato, i think it takes away from the overall sound of the choir to the point that you cannot even understand what’s being said. What good is choir music, gospel (good news) of Jesus if i don’t know what they’re saying? I remember songs like Caught up in the Rapture, and many from that CD including God is In Control, etc.. That’s when James Hall’s music had wide appeal. God wants a Yes, songs like that, which captured his musical genius but were easily understood as listeners, etc. I love his shouting songs that are up tempo, no one does them like him, but i just wish the image of the choir would be more mainstream, and that the vibrato would be toned down so that I can understand what’s being said. If you listen to Ricky Dillard for instance, with the Chicago style, vibrato is also heavy, BUT you can understand what’s being said.

    Anyway, just thought i’d comment that I’m still a James Hall fan, just not so much into the VOC, and certainly not into the whole sunglasses thing.
    I know God gives each of us talents and gifts for our individual ministries so i certainly believe that James Hall has been blessed mightily with a gift to reach with his music. I just miss the older stuff.

    Be blessed.

  2. OMG!!!…I heard rumors about this cd, but could never locate it, or even find it on GOOGLE. But PRAISE GOD!!!, one of my friends in Louisiana texted me, telling me that JAMES HALL HAS ANOTHER CD OUT!!!!…needless to say, I almost wrecked my car from excitment. I just recently came into posession of his Foxwoods cd’s, and WOW!!!…I LOVE THIS CD…I just ordered the new VOC cd…and let me tell you, if it’s anything like the last VOC cd…then I might just figure out how to shout, and shout myself to death!!!….NO ONE CAN TOP JAMES HALL!!!…I’m down here in Texas, and let me tell ya, I NEVER expected that type of sound to come from up north. One would usually find that style down south. James Hall is over looked, and I would like to see more of his music on BET and all these gospel award shows. His music is ACTUAL CHURCH MUSIC. and not all of this HIP-HOP Crap. PRAISE JESUS FOR JAMES HALL!!!…I can’t wait for my CD to be delivered. 8D but until then I’m playing the mess out of these Foxwood CD’s….LOL *starts to sing* “HE’S ALLLLL-WAYS THERRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!” YES!!!

  3. I play this cd so much and james halls organ playing is so smooth and soulful,especially track#6 !!! Beautiful! I play ad well and the chords are just fabulous! The vocals are sick,citadel is doing right,takin it back while keeping it new!

    • can anyone send me the mp3’s from this cd. I can’t find it anywhere!

  4. The CD is on Itunes for $9.99

  5. wanted to know if anyone had the lead sheets to “Saved” from voices of the Citadel. wanted it for our church choir…… thanks and God Bless.


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