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Apostolics Churches in Haiti Earthquake in Need

haiti3Port au Prince, Haiti – January 14, 2010. Apostolic News. On January 12, 2010, great devastation resulted from the 7.0 earthquake, which struck the region around Port au Prince, (the capital city,) in Haiti. Many have died and multiplied thousands are missing, trapped under the rubble of destroyed buildings and infrastructure. Haiti – the most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere – is struggling to cope in the earthquake’s aftermath.

In Haiti, the UPCI has more than 50,614 members, 681 ministers, and 585 churches and preaching points. Last year there were 12,952 baptized in Jesus’ Name and 17,439 received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Resident missionaries, the Ron Brian Family, are currently on deputation in the western U.S.

haiti2After graduating from Gateway College of Evangelism, the Ron Brian family began their missionary ministry by serving as AIMers in the Caribbean, eventually achieving missionary status in 1995. They have served in Trinidad & Tobago and the ABC Islands and are now in charge of the UPC work in Haiti, which reports 50,614 constituents, 521 established churches and 761 licensed ministers. The national headquarters and Bible school are housed in a secure complex just outside the capital of Port-au-Prince. Although in recent years Haiti has been marked by civil unrest, political instability, and financial hardships.

The Foreign Missions Division’s “Compasssion International” effort (UPCI) is already at work to bring aid directly to this overwhelming need. Click on the above link for direct access to the Compassion International website.

Another Apostolic Church Pastor, Mike Moore, from Athens Apostolic Church is also in Haiti on a Mission work trip. They have not directly heard from him but have gotten notification that the work team is all okay.”

Sarah Hodel, who supervises the pre-school program at Apostolic Church, said, “We learned through the Church World Relief Organization that they (Moore and his party) had gotten back to their compound, now whether they can get back off the island is another thing.”

The Associated Press reported that the main airport at Port Au Prince had reopened after having its control tower flattened in the quake.

Source: The News Courier Athens, AL


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