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Did you know…..(Buddhism)

What would you do if you met singer Tina Turner? Would you shake her hand and tell her how you grew up on her music and how you have every album she has ever made? What if you were eating dinner with her and you asked her to bow her head so that you could pray over the food and she looked at you and stated that she does not serve the same God that you serve. Actually, she does not “necessarily embrace a God.”? Huh??? What???? But didn’t you grow up in the Church Tina? What happened?

So whats the fuss? Why do I need to know all of this? I promise you Saints, if you live long enough, you are going to come across someone perhaps in your work setting or school  that is Buddhist. Knowledge is power. Christianity is not the only religion on earth. Stop trying to member swap and start rescuing the billions of souls that have no clue that Jesus is God manifested in flesh.

First and foremost, Buddhism is a split from Hinduism. Yesterday we learned about Hindus and their belief system. Buddha is not the founder of Buddhism. actually the original name of the founder is  Siddhartha Gautama. He received sat under a fig tree and received his enlightenment. The fig tree became known as the bodhi tree which means “tree of wisdom”. At this time, Siddhartha also experienced a name change to Buddha meaning “the Enlightened One”.  He was born at about 560 B.C. Buddha died around the age of 80 in India. Below, you’ll find some major tenets of the Buddhist religion.

Buddhism embraces evil (unlike Hinduism) and the solution for evil is summarised in the Four Noble Truths. These four truths are a belief that 1. suffering is life, (2) the cause of suggesting is desire, (3) to stop suffering one must stop desire, and (4) the way to stop desire, which would stop suffering, is the Eightfold Noble Pah:

  1. Right Speech
  2. Right Action
  3. Right Livelihood
  4. Right Effort
  5. Right Awareness
  6. Right Meditation
  7. Right Understanding
  8. Right Thoughts

As you can see, Buddhism is more about an ethic and philosophy than an actual religion (and I can clearly see how Tina Turner was able to embrace this way of living since she was beaten by her husband Ike Turner time and time again….back in the day that is…if you have not read about her life, you should.)

One of the most effective means for the Christian to present the gospel to the Buddhist is to draw his attention to evil and craving (desire) as something unable to be resolved by the Buddhist. Rather, they were atoned for on the cross by Jesus Christ. Because Buddhist believes that evil does exist, a Christian can illustrate the hopelessness of attempting to rid oneself of sin by human effort (basically, you need the Holy Ghost). Showing in scripture Jesus Christ’s conquest over sin, the devil, hell, and death is a proper means to bringing Buddhist to faith in Jesus Christ.

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  1. ur post on Buddism: K, i think I understand. So accord/-g to th the buddist religion/philosophy you have to ignore that evil is a factor that you can simply switch your mind’s thought life to only acknowledge thereby embrace only the good in life therefore you can overcome?

    Interesting? Not! But no this is very informative nevertheless. I think I understand. and how sad. Tina turner is actually in my family tree somewhere on my mother’s side. But I never met her.

    armorbearer gapdwelling

  2. Here is something else you should know about this Religion. Buddhism teaches that Nirvana is the highest state of being, a state of pure being, and it is achieved by means relative to the individual. Nirvana defies rational explanation and logical ordering and therefore cannot be taught, only realized.

    Jesus’ teaching on heaven, in contrast, was quite specific. He taught us that our physical bodies die but our souls ascend to be with Him. (Mark 12:25). The Buddha taught that people do not have individual souls, for the individual self or ego is an illusion. For Buddhists there is no merciful Father in heaven who sent His Son to die for our souls, for our salvation, to provide the way for us to reach His glory. Ultimately, that is why Buddhism is to be rejected.

    So in essence, we need to teach Buddhist that they do have a soul. We also need to show them that we do have a Father which is in heaven. All of this can be show through the scriptures and love.

  3. And now the big apology from Tiger Woods stating how he’s going to get back to his Buddhist roots. How sad.

    • Tis ‘very sad. Tiger Woods please don’t say it but you know I am going to have to say but for you if this man died he would go straight to he bottomless pit because he denies the Christ and the truth is not found in him up unto this point in his life. Makes me think about my fahter andhis father in comparison. how my gfather gave us the gospel of Jesus Christ when we were little children from the crib even the womb we are peculiar people as the Word of God declares us to be and Tiger woods father gave him his religion Budduism. raisng a very successful child to eb a greae t goldf pro. and highly esteemed financially successful in the world. my take ok that’s great but see these other religions rob God Almighty Jesus christ of all His glory. It is not to Buduism’s credit that this man is who he is –possessing all these great strengths of discipline to focus and be tempered. These are fruits of the Spirit -the Holy Spirit not Budduism. So I am sorry for his blindsightedness. Why I say this is very sad very sad in deed. But what do you do? Stalk him? Pray for him or…gives me an idea. see’ya next posting.. something about a burden.

  4. i can see that buddhism is based on facts nd counselling


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