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Did You Know…..(Western Cults)

What I’m going to try to do is give a simple breakdown of the various cults you will find here in the Western area of the world. First, what is a cult? Religious cults are schismatic deviations of established religious bodies. They are generally led by a powerful individual who is convinced that he or she has the only true message of God. The result is often a bizarre system of deviant doctrine built upon the claim of extrabiblical revelation. Religious cults differ from denominations in that they are heretical schisms from orthodox beliefs and practices.  Cults exclude all other religious groups as false, and teach that they alone are going to heaven.   

Prayerfully, you will be able to quickly distinguish some of these beliefs and be able to combat them full with scripture. Before we start, I do want my readers to know some simple terms (perhaps you can commit them to memory so when you hear them again, you will know exactly what they are referring to)   

 A sect is a sister group, that differs from other subgroups, but as a whole is in agreement with the movement. These differences can be theological, but usually they are ethical. As an example, a Presbyterian and a Baptist may not agree on issues such as polity (elders versus congregational rule) and worship style. They view each other, however, as brothers in the faith. Neither would condemn the other to damnation, since they both agree on the nature of God, salvation and man. Jesus Christ is the God-man and the Atonement in each system, so they are sects. They agree on the fundamentals, even if they disagree on many other minor points.  

 An occult movement  is an inversion of the biblical understanding of God and man. The occult embraces evil, and often reassigns it as “good.” It views this evil either as an energy, a person (usually Satan) or a force, and does not view it as sinful. Occult movements such as Satanism would reclassify God as evil, since He is at war with darkness. Darkness, in this instance, is acceptable and good.   

Corrects Christianity   

These Cults believe Christianity needs to be FIXED!   

Cults that attempt to correct the finished work of Jesus Christ will always begin by attacking the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. One subgroup specifically questions Jesus as the One, Only and Final Messiah. This would include those who do not believe Jesus was the Messiah at all, and also those who believe that Jesus was a Messiah, but not the final Messiah. They usually present their founder as the final Messiah. Salvation, therefore, is not complete, and their books teach this additional method of atonement. 

Anti Messiah Cults (Deny Jesus is the final Lamb of God). In essence, these cults will have a “new” messiah.   

  • Unification Church (Moonies)
  • Baha’i
  • Nation of Islam
  • No messiah yet
  • Modern Judaism
  • 12th Imam Shi’ites

Anti Body Cults (No one else is saved)   

  • Roman Catholicism
  • Greek Orthodox
  • Church of Christ (not all church of Christ, just the one’s that don’t play music in their church)

Cults that Deny Jesus is God   

  • LDS (Latter Day Saints / Mormons)
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses

Replaces Christianity   

Believe Christianity is FALSE   

These groups desire to replace Christianity with a new form of religious thought. Some, such as the “Liberal Syncretist” groups, believe that biblical Christianity is antiquated and dated. The emphasis in Scripture on soul winning and the absolutes of Christ as Lord and Savior are not as important as our present need for social justice and universal peace. They replace soul winning with activism. They seek new ways to bring peace to the earth, other than through faith in Christ. 

The “Sexual Cults” are not necessarily given to orgiastic compromise, but rather they believe that by indulging the flesh one finds salvation. New Age groups that believe in the power of the flesh, embrace the energy forces of the universe.   

The final two groups (“Mind Science” and “Science Fiction”) either hold to a cosmic warfare (Science Fiction) or a cosmic illusion (Mind Science). Mind Science groups believe that all sin, disease and evil is an illusion, much like Hinduism. They often deny the use of medical help (Christian Scientists) because one can defeat any disease by simple confession of truth and denial of evil.   

Liberal/Syncretist Sects (Believe that Evil is a myth)   

  • Church of England
  • Universalism
  • Unitarianism
  • Rastifarian

Sexual Cults (Evil is Salvation)   

  • Satanism
  • Children of God (Berg)
  • Occult
  • Swedenborgianism
  • Rosicrucianism
  • Goth/Wicca (Dark Energy)
  • New Age (Light Energy)

Mind Science Cults (Evil is Illusion)   

  • Christian Science
  • Religious Science
  • Mind Science
  • Unity School
  • Spiritism
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Theosophy
  • Kabbalah

Science Fiction Cults (Evil is Extraterrestrial)   

  • Scientology
  • Star Trek
  • Apocalyptic Groups
  • UFO Cults
  • Heavens Gate
The following method of witnessing to those lost in bible-based cults is non-offensive and powerful. It focuses on Jesus, the gospel, and uses Scripture. This is important for three reasons: first, Jesus draws all men to Himself (John 12:32); second, the Gospel is powerful for salvation (Rom. 1:16); and third, Gods Word accomplishes what God wants it to (Isaiah 55:11).

If you can prove a Cultist wrong in a minor point of theology, he is still a Cultist. But, if you show him that the Jesus he believes in is not the same one found in the Bible, then you have undermined his entire theology.  

In brief, you should introduce the Cultist to the real Jesus: the one of the Bible who is prayed to (Acts 7:59; 1 Cor. 1:1-2), worshiped (Matt. 2:2,11; 14:33; 28:9; John 9:35-38; Heb. 1:6), and called God (John 20:28Heb. 1:8). The hope is that once the Cultist sees that he is without the Jesus of the Bible, he will realize he doesn’t have the true God. Then, hopefully, he will accept Christ and leave his cult. If not, at least the seeds of truth will have been planted and he will have been exposed to the true Jesus. 


  1. WOW! Good newsletter, Bro! Very obvious that you did your homework on this one. Very good for all true Christians to read and then read again to get a good grip on what the Western cults are spreading to their eager listeners — in order that we may know how to properly handle the Word and present Truth to people really searching for something they can hold on to.

  2. Thanks! Christ and Education make the best combination. You better believe I am getting an “A” in my Apologetics class that I am taking this semester.

  3. I am not sure where the cult I was in would fit, but unfortunately I was in one. There are millions of people in cults, and they don’t even know it. This is part of the control cults have over people and what makes cults so dangerous. Thank you for the blog. All cults should be exposed for what they are. This is just the start of a very long list. If you want to see what my experience was like, please go to. It is shocking only to those who have not been in a cult.

  4. I second the WOW! These are awesome teachings and I thank you so much for taking the time to present the material to us! Every since your first posting on this topic I’m looking forward to reading each one to learn about these different “religions.” For years now, I’ve been wanting to learn the very things your posting but had not received such a clear presentation until now. God has truly blessed you in this area. Thanks again and thanks for keeping up the great work!

  5. AMEN for all the WOW’s (smile). I tell you, I promise you an A is coming for this course I am taking. I worked hard to research all of this information. Most importanly, I know the Lord Jesus is pleased.

  6. 🙂

  7. Hi there, really enjoy your blog. This is quite a list! However, I do question your inclusion of the Catholic half of the Christian faith (The Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Church of England). I think you have to remember that these are still the oldest Christian churches and by your own definition (Religious cults differ from denominations in that they are heretical schisms from orthodox beliefs and practices) the American Protestant denominations (Holiness, Pentecostal, COGIC, Methodist, Baptist) are all schisms from the three ORIGINAL Christian churches. I think the issue, especially with blacks is that our religious experience is influenced by slavery, and that we don’t have a sense of the Christian traditions that has spanned ages. Just FYI, I’m Anglican and we certainly don’t believe that evil is a myth, but is any departure away from the will of God. – Just my two cents- BTW – I got family members that are in the UHOP and I had to laugh because your article on them describes them to a T!

  8. I was raised a christain and now that I am 42 I have come accross alot of information both in the word and out the word. I do not know everything about the word that I should and I am trying to get a understanding of it all.
    Could you tell me why did connstine change the sabbath commandment from saturday to sunday? Can you please tell me why the cathloic church and other’s have be on the record as saying that there is no srciptural basis for sunday worsihp. If we are to walk as he walked why is there so much division among the body over keeping the sabbath which I think was saturday based on what it says in genisis.
    Please don’t get me wrong I am not trying to point any fingers I am trying to get to the truth of everything that I have been told.
    Another thing that I have been trying to get to understand is if G-D is his name is that the name that we will have on our forheads? Did jesus come in the name of G-D because he did say that he comes in his fathers name. I would like to know why the jews felt the name Yahweh which his name was to holy to speak an hid the name and coverd it up with adonia and G-D and LORD. wHY?
    I don’t know why I found your website but my last question can I have eternal life and stay home read my word and try my best to live the way that he lived when he was here? Because at this point I really don’t know who to belive anymore! I have seen the church change in my short life and it seem to be all about who has the biggest building and the most members. I really don’t hear the message of the kingdom preached any more. There seem to be as much sin in the church that in the whole world! Where the differecne and the seperation of the world? ONCE AGAIN I’M NOT JUDGING JUST ALITTLE CONFUSED!
    I have the desere to do the right thing and follow what the word say both the NT-OT I hear the last word of my savior concering two of the greatest commandment and they are LOVE YAHWEH WITH ALL YOUR HEART and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR!!!!!
    I pray that you will give me unbyisis help! In closing I want to tell you that I have been with a assembly who beleives in Yahweh’s name and keeping the feast that are giving in the word because are savior kept them and so did the people who followed him even 20-30yrs after he was risen. I have alot of problems with things that are in the word like when James the brother of my savior says that faith without works is dead!

    Thank you so much for you time in reading what I have to say I know that in some things that I migth have a misunderstand in forgive me. I want to live right and be with my savior when he comes. Praise Yah!


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