Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | February 23, 2010

How often do you pass out tracts?

If you’d like to order some great doctrinally sound tracts, you need to go to the Pentecostal Publishing House. You’ll get all kinds of tracts from “Why do we baptise in Jesus Name to The Baptism of the Holy Ghost”. Order today and start being a True witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Dont let those Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons on their bicycles beat you when it comes to passing out tracts) Remember Saints, tracts are not antiquated! It still works!


  1. I use the “You are Invited” all the time. It welcomes people to the church without being “preachy”. “Your Family Needs the Church” is fantastic especially for newlyweds and people that just adopted or bore children. “The Holy Ghost With Tongues” really grabs people’s eyes, especially those of Charismatics. And though some think this one is outdated, I still use, “Why I Do Not Own A Television” — we live in a day when the general public is getting rid of it’s TV’s while we bring this sin into our homes. We claim not to believe in all the sins that are portrayed on it. So…one of our churches putting a commercial on it is going to make it ok. Hah! (I think I’ll step off my soapbox now).
    Tracts work! When I belonged to other churches I never used them, but once in Truth I saw what an ingenious way to spread the message around after I may have “left the scene”, or the person can read it over and over and get a better grip rather that just hearing it.

  2. “The Scriptures Decree Modesty In Dress” is a very good tract, also. A lot of churches have let this one go by the wayside recently, but the Word hasn’t changed. Holiness as a lifestyle is STILL in the Bible. God HAS NOT taken it out of His word.


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