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Random Thoughts

Happy Monday Saints! As some of you may know (while others may not know) I attend Liberty University. Thus far, it’s the best Evangelical Christian School out there. It’s inexpensive, non-profit and I get a solid Christian based and secular perspective when it comes to education. The way the online portion of the school operates is that each semester is divided into 8 week portions. So you take a few classes the first 8 weeks, you get credit at the end. Then you take another few classes and you get credit at the end of the next 8 weeks. Right now I’m doing 2 and 2 (meaning 2 classes the first 8 weeks and 2 classes the second 8 weeks). Thats how I’m able to go to school full-time (and get all that wonderful financial aid). Well, a week ago we finished our first set of 8 weeks. While I had planned on getting straight “A’s” I ended up getting a “B” in both classes ( each class I had earned 89 out of 100 points so I was 1 point shy of an “A”) Oh well, it’s all good, I’m just glad to be an above average student FOR NOW (ha ha ha).

So this semester, I’m taking a course in Biblical Counseling – Caring For People God’s Way. If you start to see a whole bunch of post on overcoming deception, bitterness, rebellion, pride, habitual sin, and ancestral sins it’s all courtesy of my course I am taking (whoaaaaa, we will all be delivered after this semester ya hear).

Anywho, so here are some of my random thoughts for the week, I’m excited about Palm Sunday that is coming up this Sunday. Dont ya just love getting those palm branches and reenacting the triumphal entry? Next Monday I go out of town on yet another business trip for a few weeks. I’m excited about that as well. I’m also glad that health care reform has been finally passed. We need positive change in the white house. Granted, some issues concerning abortion and the like have absolutely no bearing on my decision to support or reject whomever might be in office. Abortion is a moral issue. An issue that a true Christian should know the answer to. If we would let the church be the church and stand up and teach right from wrong THE BIBLE WAY, we wont have to worry about what laws are passed concerning abortion (and same sex marriage issues too…..but thats a topic that has nothing to do with healthcare). Remember, Congress is NOT the UPCI or COOLJC. I’m just glad to know that Jesus has given me a sound mind through His Spirit to know right from wrong and since the Bible trumps any law that congress passes, let God be true and every man a liar (now that’s bible).

I will say this in closing. Isnt golf suppose to be one of those silent sports where no one really talks? Why is that Tiger Woods still running his mouth giving interviews concerning his private life. This just goes to show you were America’s priorities are (but I’m the crazy one for still passing out tracts and fasting and praying to a God that answers prayers). I’ll never get it.

Come Lord Jesus………. have a blessed week Saints. 


  1. PTL
    Glad to hear of your educational pursuits. I encourage all apostolics to improve their witness through education. Pray all works out well. However, be careful with recommeding Liberty to Apostolics. I recommend you check out which offers similar online accredited progams. Liberty is good but reqiures seminary students to sign a trinity belief statement. I

  2. Praise The Lord Pastor McCoy,

    Liberty University Online did not require me to sign or affirm any Trinitarian belief statements (as I am not a Seminarian) I’m just getting a plane old liberal arts education with a Chrstians perspective. Matter of fact, I’ve been able to openly proclaim that I am Apostolic to other students AND to my professors and have yet to have any incident arise. Prior to going to the school I made sure that I would not have to sign a Trinitarian belief statement.

    Now, those that go to school on campus physically might have to sign and acknowledge that they WILL NOT endorse other religious beliefs other than what the school believes in but if you go to school online, there is no problem.

    What’s even more funnier is that I had a test in my Apologetics class and two my test questions was “Is Jesus both 100% fully God and 100% fully man”? I was very surprised as I chose TRUE and got the answer correct twice.

    Now, Liberty does not go into tongues, baptism in Jesus Name, or other Apostolic Pentecostal doctrinal stances, but just like some COOLJC Pastors (and UPCI Pastors ) that have graduated from Trinitarian Seminaries, I’ve learned to eat the meat and spit out the bones and not compromise my Apostolic heritage, foundation or beliefs.

    Thanks for the heads up in regards to I agree we must continue to support (if financially able) our accredited Apostolic Schools.


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