Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | March 25, 2010

You Can Disagree But You Dont Have To Send White Powder!

I’m angered at the fact that because people disagree with the new Health Care Reform Bill, they found the need to send “white powder” to an congressional officer.

A health care reform opponent sent a letter containing a suspicious white powder to outspoken health care reform supporter Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Kew Gardens district office, according to police scanner reports. Wire dispatches indicate that nine people are being decontaminated after potential exposure to the substance, which was sent in a letter “making reference to President Obama’s healthcare reform bill.”

What saddens me even more is that there are “so called Christians” who can be found lifting up UNholy hands on Sunday morning who are voicing their concern in very damaging ways. If you dont believe that “Christians” are participating, take one good look at the news during these “rally’s” and you will see people with signs about GOD and about Christianity and about how the government is corrupting everyone with reform. Why would anyone want to serve YOUR GOD if you can’t even AGREE TO DISAGREE in a polite manner.

For those that practice Christianity, hear me now and hear me good, God is not pleased with you attacking people over the internet or in person because they do not share the same political views as yourself. If your plans are to see Jesus in peace, it is highly suggested that you begin to take on the Spirit of Christ starting with humility and work your way into loving everyone regardless of how they feel about the current Health Care Reform. If you cant seem to do that, then your living and praying will be in vain, as you WILL surely be joining the wicked in hells fire and brimstone. The Christian bible’s foundation is not HATRED! Our principals are founded on LOVE and PEACE.

With that being said, those that are living holy and righteous before a holy God have a mandate to tell your other brothers and sisters to stop causing confusion amongst the people. All of that energy being used to be angry about Healthcare Reform should be dedicated to fasting and praying and witnessing about a soon coming King. Jesus did not put you here on earth to defend Congressional Acts. He put you on earth to show people a more excellent way according to the scriptures. It is my prayer that every Pastor gets in their pulpit this coming Sunday and admonish their congregants to NOT participate in the bashing of views that may be different from their own.

…..let God be true and every man a liar (Romans 3:4)!

Theres Still Time To Repent


  1. Preach on, bro! In my own personal life, I find that in many things I do have an opinion, and as a Christian I do have a social ethic that drives my conscience at the voting booth. As a pastor, though, I find that as an “opinion” — I don’t have one. Regardless of what some of you may be lead to believe, there ARE Christians that are the”bad” Liberals and Christians that ARE the “wicked” Conservatives. The key is to NOT WORRY about whether you are liberal or conservative, but the question is, Do you follow after the Holy Ghost? Is your vote one that can line up with His word? Can He bless it? I was so ashamed of us Pentecostal people during the last presidential election cycle. Many of us showed our true colors (no pun intended) – – and they were NOT pretty! Believing rumors, EVEN after being proven untrue, spreading what was known to be lies, letting “death threats” happen in campaign meetings held by Pentecostals — SHAME! I’m not taking either side here, I’m just saying that SIN is SIN — no matter WHO

  2. commits it!

    We lose a lot of integrity when we act like “spoiled brats” when it comes to politics. My friends, this ought not to be.

    Let us lift up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (no matter “what” we’re for) and be a light for Him!

  3. PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel a tag team sermon coming on. I could not have said it any better than you brother.


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