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Some Jaw Dropping Religious News: Jakes, Brady, Leonard, Hill & McDaniel

Say it isnt so!  So I just got word almost overnight there was a major shift in mega church pastorship. Here are the facts. Bishop Dennis Leonard from the former Heritage Christian Center in Denver, CO retired. Bishop T.D. Jakes sent youth pastor Chris Hill to take over the church and renamed it Potters House Church of Denver. Then Bishop T.D. Jakes sent for Sheryl Brady and asked her to Pastor a new church in Texas called Potters House of Allen, TX. So Sheryl and Joby have left The River Church Inc in Durham NC to Pastor this church. Now, Bishop Jakes has sent for Bishop Eric McDaniels of The Bronx NY to Pastor The River Church Inc. in Durham NC. What in the world is going on???????????????

Hey, if you like it, I love it! While I personally don’t understand all of this (since I can’t find in scripture where Paul, the greatest Apostle set up churches then shifted the Pastors around like a merry go round, I guess I’ll just have to take it for what it is).

What are your thoughts on this matter? Is church becoming more and more about the money or is this a true move of God? Are brand new souls truly being added to the church daily as the Apostles doctrine states it should or are we just doing one big member swap with no new converts to Christianity. Please, share your thoughts on this. Thus far, I’m staying neutral on the subject until I can get a clear understanding of all the shifting that just took place.


  1. To some, being a pastor is a calling (like the Bible says), to others, it’s only a position that needs to be filled (and not necessarily by the Holy Ghost). Only time will tell which vein of thought is being manifested in this senario.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself. You are so right! Now a days, the office if a pastor is like any other job that you could possible find in the classified ads. I so wish people would just get back to doing things the bible way and stop commercializing the Gospel. While “we” the insiders may know what is taking place, how do you explain these type of shifts in the ministry to the “unchurched”? You mean to tell me, I left the world just to come into yet another political arena that does not even have my soul in mind???? Now, this is NOT to say that soul winning is not the main focus of said “Pastor Swap”, but come on, we as the church have to do better than this. Like you said, only time will tell.

  3. Like both of you have said, only time will tell. Is there a real wind of the Spirit blowing, or just the filling of vacant jobs??? Once again – only time will tell. It’s like Jesus said when He walked on the earth. In one His parables He said that both “the wheat and the tares would grow together,” but He knows what time it is! And that’s what really counts! I’ve seen it go both ways. I’ve seen “church growth” be nothing but simply the “church shuffle” – from Elm Street Church to Maple Street Church. But again, I’ve seen true Holy Ghost revival and seen Him draw in people from off the streets, not really sure why they actually came in the building! And they receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost that night! Only time will tell.

  4. the website only acknowledges PAstor BRady as a pAstor not her husband I dont know how i feel about that

  5. the enemy is working also you think it sits idle no sir/mam Jehovah must shift things around and up. when Judas fell from Grace was he not replaced. if you give up on God will He not make a stone worship Him. This my people is called shift and change. when the multitudes and decision making became too much for Moses did not his father n law suggest making others help out. lets not remain blind but open up the bible and your eyes. Its ok for someone to be promoted on the job but not with God. I would love to be promoted in Jehovah’s house. not for nothing but where in the bible does it say it’s alright to judge anything that has to do with God good or bad. It sounds a little like jealousy. but I am not a judge just a servant many times over. Let us all do God’s will not ours . I am only concern about the Master’s will . It all works for the greater good. Lift Jesus up and you too will be. Peace and Mercy to us all..LOVE !

  6. i was with Dennis Leonard when we started Heritage Christian Center. I had been a successful children’s pastor before being approached by Leonard to fill the position of children’s pastor of a new church he was starting, Heritage Christian Center. I felt it was the right move and welcomed the invitation. Dennis seemed to be a genuine man with people on his heart. I did not realize however, his motives, and even to this day stilll question them. He had already been a success in the business world and in my opinion was/is now going down a new road of racial exploytation.

    Just in the last few days, for what ever reason of my own, i was looking up some things regarding him and discoverer that since my parting with him, he has divorced ( I understand that – i dont know why but i do understand and dont condemn him for that or really anything else) ended his pastoralship in Denver and apparently has started a new church in San Diego. looking at the website, his focus has shifted from blacks to hispanics. Mind me now, NOTING wrong with that at all, however. I have to ask myself, is it because he cares about the people or does he just see it as a venue to fill his pockets?

    it would take more time than I really want to spend right now to go into why I left my position as Children’s Pastor at Heritage Christian Center and is not the focus of my comments here today at all. If you want to know more…feel free to email me (bwilliams601 @ comcast . net ) At any rate what I am really trying to say is this:

    I see several churches that seem to be franchising themselves and I wonder why? I dont think that God is in that at all. What has happened to the local church… where are the Pastors? am I one of them that has missed the mark and not fulfilling the call on there life. Believe me, i ask my self that sometimes, but i continue to live my life day to day as I think God is leading me. So, that that question I say personal, I don’t think so. I do think that it was a God opened door when Dennis Leonard called me that day way back when but that was only the start of the story. What about after I left there and when my marriage was falling apart and I could even get a cancelling session with Pastor Leonard (this was before he called himself “Bishop”) he refused to even talk to me when i was hurting and needing some sound direction and help) I guess that is why i have to really question his motives and wonder if he is not just in it for the money… I hope not, i truly do.


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