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My Experience At Church Yesterday….

So yesterday was a “visiting” Sunday for me. I went to a church here in Atlanta called Cathedral of Faith (its Pentecostal). I went specifically because I wanted to take communion since it was the First Sunday of May. You see, my church only does communion ONCE a year (which is soooo not cool because I need communion at least every 4 weeks…….hey its a tradition nothing biblical about having it on first Sunday’s). Well, I was somewhat skeptical about going to this church because at one time, Cathedral of Faith use to be the largest Pentecostal Holiness church here in Atlanta with 3,000 members, that is, until the former Pastor lost his screws and started to preach a doctrine that did not include the Name of Jesus. He literally got up one Sunday and told the congregation that they no longer needed to sing songs with Jesus Name in it and that they would not end their prayers with the Name of Jesus. Weird!!!! Needless to say, they booted that Pastor right out the church and the members went scattering all over Atlanta. (I’ll never understand why Pastors get these extraterrestrial revelations that are non scriptural. If your going to get new revelations, at least have scripture to back it up).

Well, I did not care if it was 500 or 50 at the church yesterday, I wanted communion and I knew out of tradition this church was going to have it. I went to their website and found out that I could take the train straight to the doors of the church. Mind you, this church lost over 80% of their members so I was not looking for a great crowd.

Well what do you know, as soon as I was a block away from the church, I could hear yelling and screaming and stomping and clapping (MY KIND OF CHURCH) all through the streets coming from the sanctuary. I got to the church 30 minutes late because the train was sooooooo slow that morning. When the ushers swung open the doors to greet me, the church was slam packed standing room only. I could not believe my eyes. I’m not a balcony Saint so I squeezed my way onto the second to last row in the back of the church. I mean, the organ was going, the congregation was leaping through the aisles and well, I was VERRRYYYYY surprised that this once barren ministry had almost all of their members back. IT WAS PANDAMONIUM PRAISE!!!!!!!!!!

Skipping to the good part, when it was time for the Word, the Pastor told us to turn to Acts 16:25 And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. The message was simply to PRAISE HIM!!!! (My kinda sermon, I’m always ready to praise Him). Now, prior to this, they had asked for all visitors to stand (of which I did not stand because I feel no one is ever a visitor in the House of the Lord, plus, I just don’t like for the whole church to stare at me and single me out, I like to blend). Well, I was sitting next to a first time male visitor who knew nothing about church. You could tell on his face that he had been going through and he just wanted the more of God (I like those type of people, easy to witness too with no hangups about church. They just God and see no wrong in the Saints of God.) He told me he had no clue about the book of Acts or the Bible for that matter as I was sharing my Bible (now you know me, “the holy one of Israel”, I was soooo ready to take him down in Jesus Name and lay hands on him so he could get the Holy Ghost, but since I was not in my church I refrained, plus I did not want to scare him away lol). You know, sitting next to him let me know that there are so many people that STILL don’t know anything about the God WE serve.

Well, I shared my bible with him and told him “Thats ok brother, we are all here to learn, just follow me”. How about he did just that. When I stood up to praise God during the preached Word, he would genuinely jump up and praise God, when I said “Thank you Jesus” He said “Thank you Jesus”. It was amazing. Like a holy game of Simon Says. I looked deep into the eyes of this older man and he was crying and just wanted the more of Jesus. During the sermon he was high-fiving me because he was agreeing with everything the Pastor was saying. I felt deliverance right where I sat! Sad thing is, I think the person or people he came to church with left early and he stepped out of the sanctuary and never came back.

While I was NOT able to show him scriptures about Salvation and take him to the altar to “pray through” I believe that that man will be back at church again the next time the doors open and that a seed was planted that will germinate and grow.

Saints, we need to be sensitive to the visitors that come into our fellowship each Sunday. They are not coming because they want to learn externals, they are coming because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sinners know the world has nothing to offer them but heartache and pain and ultimately destruction. Lets continue to be sensitive to the Spirit and the needs of our visitors at church. God wants to use YOU to be a simple witness to call someone out of darkness and into his marvelous light. I’m grateful that Cathedral of Faith is back to having good ole fashion Pentecostal Church! Even when you think its time to hang in the towel, remember God is not through with the ministry that he has birthed on the inside of you.

Needless to say, the church broke out into 3 dances after the Word was preached, we took communion and we went home. Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. I will be visiting Cathedral of Faith again.


  1. Praise the Lord!!

    I’m always glad to hear that the saints are doing well after false doctrine rises up, because you can’t say that about many churches they accept false doctrine and we loose the people of God. God is still on the Throne, and I’m glad about it.


  2. well, my name is david and i born on baja California Mexico so I am a Mexican i hear some thing really amazing my church in San Luis Arizona is just like 120 members and we all are from the apostolic assembly church from the faith in jesus christ and i will say that i will like to so that growing in my church or at least in my area. for me even in camp there is no so much people.


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