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Pentecost Sunday Praise Reports

Do you have a Pentecost Sunday praise report? Let the whole world know what Jesus did on the Birthday of the New Testament Church. Lets testify Saints!


  1. I have a bad habit of leaving my television on after I pray to go to bed and I always turn it to the 24 hour gospel music station. I went to bed with expectations of what God was going to do for me and my brothers and sisters on Pentecost Sunday. Around 5:11 am I heard something like a firecracker in my room but I didn’t move because I thought I was dreaming. What woke me up was the smell of smoke. My husband was already up and I ran and told him that I smelled smoke in the bedroom. When we ran back into the bedroom sparks was coming from the wall, God allowed my husband to reach in and pull the plugs out of the wall just in a nick of time before the fire started. With tears running down my face I just started giving God praise thanking Him for saving me, my husband (physically and spiritually), saving my house and givng me a second chance to share His word through my testamony. I thank God it was the Holy Ghost Fire and not the devils fire that fell on me yesterday….and His praise will continually be in my mouth!

  2. I received this testimony by email late last night and wanted to share it with you:

    “Praise The Lord Everybody!!

    Well, I just want to report that PENTECOST SUNDAY, was OFF THE CHAIN!!! The Thundering Son’s made it THUNDER in Richmond’s East end. The men of God preached like the men of ole. The saints came in ready to give God the PRAISE!!

    We are happy to report that 5 were baptized in Jesus Name and 2 received the Gift of the Holy Ghost!! Yes, Lady Scott and I are on cloud nine cause our son Dennis went down in Jesus Name!!! God ANSWERS PRAYER!!


  3. We had an awesome Ladies’ Conference this passed weekend of 08 August 2010. The Spirit of God just swept everyone off their feet. How marvelous it was, there was crying, tongues, shouts of joy… it was just electrifying. Thank you JESUS!!!!!
    Losette Absolom, South Africa

  4. -dear please pray about me and my family god he answer most our prayer requests specialy i was with out work for along time but now god he give me work and god he heal me from nerve and tiberclosis and foot sickness and god he give me peace of mind and love,joy and happiness aswellas wisdom and fear of god and god he give me permanent rersidence paper and god he keep and cuver me and my family aswellas my blessings from devorer and from so many danger and devil and men temptation by his son blood
    -dear thank you about all your prayer help from the bigining until now
    -thanks god about all my prayer answer
    -thank you jesus
    -god bless you richly


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