Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | November 3, 2010

2010 Is Ending, 2011 Is About To Begin & We Are One Day Closer To The Coming Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

If God has to break all your teeth just to send you to a dentist to witness to them about the soon coming of the Lord, then I guess you’ll have no teeth! Well, sorta. You see, late last night I was eating pizza and something crunchy was in the midst of that good ole pepperoni and sausage laced pizza. That “crunchy-ness” was a part of my back tooth. YUCK! I could not believe it because I pride myself in good oral hygiene and never have teeth problems. Well I went to the dentist and the female assistant did my x-rays and long and behold I had to get a root canal and a crown. I was stunned! All I can say is thank God for dental insurance. Let me get to the point,. As the dental assistant laid out my action plan for my teeth I told her that I was a singer and wanted to make sure the work the dentist did would be “camera ready” just in case I am holding one of those long notes and the camera gets all of my mouth and you can see all of my teeth (including the baby one’s that I lost at 5 lol). She said to me “Oooooo, where do you sing at”? I told her I was a praise and worship leader in church (why did she ask me this……you know I’m crazy enough to witness even in the dentist office). She proceeded to tell me that she was a Christian but did not go to church. Needless to say I had some Apostolic church cards and gave her one with service times and directions and invited her to church.

I say this true story because I”m trying to drive a point home. Witnessing is key in the holy walk we are living in. It’s clear that everyone is not called to literally go door to door and pass out tracts. Some people are stuck with the notion that “my life is a witness all by itself”. Well is it? Let me share this with you, God could have created the world in silence by just a wave of His hand BUT HE DIDNT. Instead, he spoke 6 days into existence and on the latter part of the 6th day He physically created man from the dust with His own hands. My point is, since we are created in the image and likeness of God, surly being His creation I should audibly tell of His goodness to a lost and dying generation.

What amazes me is that each of us are a part of a whole. All of us are not called to the same gift and talent yet all function as one part of the whole body. That is the Body of Christ which is ever-growing due to the numerous baptisms in Jesus Name and Holy Ghost infillings that take place worldwide on a daily basis.

2010 is coming to a close, 2011 is fast approaching, and we are done day closer to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Will you be able to present to Christ a clean vessel that stayed untainted by the worlds views? Will you be able to clearly say that you served God through your faith and works through Him? When is the last time you told someone that Christ was coming and offered to show them a more excellent way?  My point Saints is that you work while is day for when night cometh no man can work. Share your faith today and cause one LESS soul to spend eternity in hell and one MORE soul to spend eternity with the Lord Jesus. I admonish you in love today.

P.S. I got the root canal done today and let me tell you that dentist did a great job. It was my first (and hopefuly my last) and with all that high tech computer stuff, my tooth looks brand spanking new with no pain at all. To God Be The Glory!


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