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Holy Ghost Radio: An Internet Based Apostolic Pentecostal Radio Station

Holy Ghost Radio

I was in church tonight and my new Pastor was sharing with us about a “Oneness Pentecostal Apostolic” internet radio station. By “Oneness Pentecostal Apostolic” I mean a radio station that is 100% Apostolic Pentecostal. Every preacher is Apostolic. Every singer is Apostolic. Everything doctrinal is of the Apostles Faith. The name of the radio station is Holy Ghost Radio. I wanted to share with all of my readers that now there is a radio station geared not only towards us Oneness Pentecostals, but is geared toward spreading the Truth of God through all the world so that we can convert souls to the One True Church. I hope this radio station blesses your heart in Jesus Name.

Holy Ghost Radio is…

  • Focusing on the unreached
  • Making the presentations culturally relevant
  • Speaking in the heart-language of the hearer
  • Using creative approaches to capture the listener’s attention
  • Responding to felt needs of our neighbors, whether near or far
  • Ministering to local churches through media services, bringing the Book of Acts to their hearing
  • Striving always to present ourselves in a professional and Godly manner
  • Working in harmony with our fellow Christians of like precious faith and living exemplary lives which reflect the God-given joy of being ambassadors for Christ.


  1. Holy Ghost Radio is excellent! As Apostolic Christians, ALL OF US (regardless if CPCI, WPF, UPCI, COOLJC, PAW, PAJC, ALJC, etc.) will “get a Holy Ghost shout” on listening to this powerful testament of Apostolic truth! It appears to originate from The Rock church in Elk Grove, CA, where Bishop Nathaniel Wilson and Elder Myles Young pastor (WPF). Bishop Wilson was my “original” Apostolic pastor. Under his ministry, the Lord opened truth to me. Also, some of the preachers on Holy Ghost Radio are guys I grew up in church with. Now they Bishop churches and preach the gospel. You don’t want to miss Holy Ghost Radio!

  2. the seven days,god work.,mankind,the earth.the heaven.Yes he did ! and now we serve him for his works,seven days. henry b clemons,Jr,Sa.

  3. Check out
    You are welcome to play our songs on your radio.

  4. One faith, one god, one baptism and that’s in Jesus name thank u jesus

  5. Hi..PTL !!!
    My name is carmen and im contacting you from Salem,Oregon.
    I’ve been looking for other radio stations that support my faith
    and then your station came up on my comp.
    after i write you i’m gonna settle in for the night and leave my
    pc going while i go to bed
    what a wonderful thing to wake up to….thxs and God Richely Bless You All!!

  6. Praise the Lord!


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