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Oneness Pentecostals that preach at Trinitarian Church Services…..What Say You?

     This is not new news. We all know of Oneness Pentecostal Pastors who preach at Trinitarian church services (some more liberal or conservative than others). It seems like as we anticipate the rapture of the church, preachers are crossing denominational barriers some for the almighty dollar others because they have a genuine desire to witness to people who dont know God’s plan for their life. Here is my thing. Is it ok for a Oneness preacher to preach at a Trinitarian church and NOT mention the plan of salvation when you know that the church/organization does not believe in “The Truth”?

     I was watching the COGIC Holy Convocation live tonight and TD Jakes was preaching tonight. I texted a friend and told him “it would be nice if TD Jakes told the entire COGIC body the Truth about God’s plan of salvation. Now, my friend is a self-proclaimed Apostolic (yet for some reason he has been a member of COGIC church’s….thats neither here nor there). He texted me back and I quote “You know it doesn’t work like that…there’s mutual respect for doctrinal differences in settings like this”. Needless to say I did not respond because there would have been a debate.

     So you mean to tell me as an Apostolic, I must back down from absolute truth when preaching God’s Word? I can mention everything else but when it comes to being water and Spirit baptised, I can’t speak on that issue lest you never invite me back to preach from your pulpit????? The Judaizers in the book of Galatians taught you needed to be circumcised in order to obtain full salvation and that faith in Jesus Christ alone would not save you (read your Bible history). Paul immediately shut them down by telling them that we no longer needed to rely on old testament rituals in order to obtain salvation. He had to correct them and advised them that faith in Christ Jesus alone was all that was necessary (not old testament works). Now if Paul rebuked and reproved the Judaizers surely TD Jakes and Noel Jones (which will be preaching later this week at the COGIC convention) should be able to do this.

     Bottom line, we can’t compromise The Truth lest we fall into erroneous doctrines taught by devils. What good is it for me to preach deliverance, money, cars, fame and fortune, and not tell you HOW to be saved! As my Pastor said last night in service, there should never be a time when the church meets and you DONT tell God’s plan of salvation. No matter what topic your preaching on, Acts 2:38 should always be mentioned somewhere in there.

I’d like to know what your comments are concerning this subject.


  1. You are 100% right, but remember, that’s why these Pastor’s are invited in the first place. They would never invite a UPC speaker, “Birds of a feather flock together”. It’s all about the Benjamins. Also, they COGIC don’t want any holiness Preachers’ at all.

  2. I agree with what you are saying wholeheartedly!! If you are a preacher, you should be preaching the truth wherever you go. Preachers get so caught up in where they are, that they forget that they are on an assignmnent and that assignment is to preach the unadulterated word of God. So what if they don’t invite you back to preach. You have done your part. Thats just like a person telling me all the benefits they may enjoy with a particular service, but they never tell me how I can sign up and enjoy the very same benefits. Houses, cars, money are okay in their place but we must first do kingdom business. We must preach the gospel to those that are lost.

  3. I think that you must try and get the plan of salvation across somehow but if you hijack a congregation it is likely that you will win the battle but lose the war.
    You can get it out or get it told but that really is the problem with why the Apostolic doctrine has not spread as much as it should have thus far because we have been brutes instead of being wise as serpents (and harmless as doves).
    I think that if Jakes or any other minister has established rapport (which is foremost important to have before confronting someone’s doctrine) they should definitely take clergy of other doctrines to task but it should be done between that minister and clergy NOT on stage before the clergy’s congregation.
    Keep in mind that the congregation will, no doubt, have a strong commitment to the pastor of that facility. The type of congregation that a head-on approach would work with is one that is on the verge of collapse and just needed a straw for the camel’s back.
    Because most congregations adore their pastors it would be reckless, to say the least, to upstage a pastor’s teachings not taking into consideration the countless bibleclass meetings, worship service sermons, Sunday school lessons and commentary.
    Now, if GOD is moving and says to bring it out HE will also have done something to prepare the audience for the occassion to repent.
    One thing is necessary first, create relationships. When people feel connected to you they are more likely to take your advice. To present something so powerful as an opposing view of bible doctrine without any relationship is like asking a woman that you’ve never met before who knows nothing about you to marry you. How far do you think that’ll go?
    Form a relationship from the top down. If you smite the shepherd, whether in spite or in love, the smitten shepherd will affect the flock.
    He that is wise winneth souls. 🙂

  4. There have always been Oneness preachers that have preached at trinitarian churches. Some of that has been positive – I came into the knowledge of Truth by Apostolic folks not being so isolationist (I had repented and received the Holy Ghost in a Pentecostal Church of God, but baptized in Jesus’ name at a UPCI about 2 years later). But it seems there is a “dangerous breed” out there, both Oneness and trinitarian, that are attempting to get folk to feel “it really doesn’t matter”, “we’re all saying the same thing” – – Hey, when the Lord opens a door to more revealed Truth: WALK IN IT! In the others, even your friends won’t receive it, the calling and election of the Lord is more important.

    Sure, some of the “big names” out there are turning out to be “Charismatic Apostolics” (if such a thing really exists) – – they can all hang out with each other after the Rapture takes place and they and their congregants are still here.

    • I love what you said, true but sad.

  5. Everyone comment is wonderful..but i have to agree somewhat with Burns. There R some COGIC preachers that has a big problem with Jakes and Noel preaching there convention. One member on the board of The COGIC called Jakes “The Anti-Christ”! U never seen in time past where COGIC embrace Apostolicism whether they were conservative or libral. Yes..i believe its the mighty dollar..but also people today..r looking for a WORD from the Lord! Im so disgusted with the Apostolic Church right now..because many of us has lowered R standard of holiness and we look like the World. Im at a point to doesnt matter..because those that R not APostolic look more holy and getting closer to God and we apostolics trying to get closer to the world or our messages is not preaching the same message over over over….same warm over message!! We as the Apostolic Church has to come to another level if we going to draw the World!! I applaud the UPC Church for that effort..but these other Apostolic Churches is going to the dogs!! Sorry for being so strong..and yet U going to put me in hell..because i want a WORD from the Lord..because im not getting it in my lukewarm..warm over message….standard lowere…Apostolic CHURCH!!

    • Thank you “JESUS name Apostolic” for your insight in your comment. You really should read my book. Get it @ Amazon, Borders or Barnes & Noble titled “The Zeal of Thine House has Eaten Me Up”.
      With all of the strong taking of stands I am waiting to see POP take on “Zeal”.

      • Thanks Burns..i going to purchase the book!

  6. I agree with your article POP. This is happening not only with prominent pastors, but with local, non-famous pastors as well. They are preaching at baptist churches, AME churches, and other denominations. It seems to be an issue of being unequally yoked to me. There are just some things we’re not supposed to do. And, I don’t believe the pastor’s should even be in these churches pulpits. Jesus himself purposefully didn’t go into certain areas for certain reasons.

    I don’t know if the Apostolic pastors are motivated by money or what, but it’s almost as if some of them just enjoy what they seem to be feeling as a sort of new found acceptance within the other denominations. Let’s pray they are not fooled by the enemies devices and delivered from whatever err they make.

    The thing is pastors are held to a higher calling then other members of the body, and therefore it is even more so their duty to preach the truth.

    Like you, I disagree with your friends comment about the so-called mutual respect issue. How is it mutual respect to condone a lie? Everything is always to be done decently and in order. There is nothing wrong with preaching the truth when the Apostolic pastors visit another congregation.

    It’s sad to read how people want to condemn Apostolic members and pastors and talk about how bad they are with this and how bad they are with that. And, there are some people who unfortunately are not doing what they should, however remember who the real enemy is. Satan’s strongest weapon is through ignorance and words, i.e., lies.

    The truth is there are in fact a lot of Apostolic’s who are faithful, true, and doing exactly what God requires them to do. Those are the intercessors that are lesser known, who pick our names up in the atmosphere and pray on our behalf, and there are many more faithful saints. I suggest no one speak against Apostolics’ but rather pray and hold our brothers and sisters up so they may be delivered.

    Also one pastor and one church’s actions doesn’t speak for the entire church body or world.

    Let love rain in everything we do, love conquers everything and it is my hope and should be all saint’s hope that all can be saved and redeemed.

    • Let love reign in everything we do, love conquers everything and it is my hope and should be all saint’s hope that all can be saved and redeemed.

  7. Praise the Lord!!

    I thank God that I am Apostolic, because I use to be nothing and Now I belong to the KING of KINGS! I love the Apostoic Doctrine, but we have to remember we are living in the last days and many are fallen away, and there has been a great departing from the faith,we must keep the faith and hold on to the truth. Its prayer time saints. We must do it, say it, and live it like the BIBLE says.

  8. Do you really and honestly consider Jakes to be Oneness? I think he is far too mainstream to be Oneness as you believe it to be.

    Quoted from Celeste:
    “It’s sad to read how people want to condemn Apostolic members and pastors and talk about how bad they are with this and how bad they are with that”

    This is no more sad than when Apostolics do it to others. We can’t have it both ways

    • That’s actually who I was speaking of; people that claim to be saved, i.e., Apostolic’s running down others…which is also why I said we should keep the proper focus on who the real enemy is and pray. I noticed you didn’t include the remainder of the paragraph…let’s all pray for the deliverance and healing of all.

  9. I believe that if you SAVED, that you should stand up for what you believe in. It’s not only for the pastors to stand for truth, but those who are a witness to GOD saving power! Any one who could preach to a mass crowd and not tell the way to be saved is questionable. There’s ONE GOD, ONE FAITH AND ONE BAPTISM.

  10. Great post, I feel it important to reach all we can with the truth. Peter went to the Gentiles. Jesus went to pagans and Paul to the idol worshippers.
    We must do the same.

    Obviously some men have tact and influence where others just get mad and upset. Some men like the apostles were gifted, chosen and called to walk in territory many today fret over.

    You can only go where you are called. and only impart if you have skill and grace..and that’s between you and God and every man knows his limits.

    I dont know about TDJakes all I know is that men who have it usually preach it!…wherever they are!

  11. I get so disgusted with Apostolics sometimes because we have such a better than everyone else attitude sometimes. I heard Bishop Noel Jones address the issue of teaching doctrinal issues during your sermon and he said that it is not your job to preach doctrinal issues to another persons flock if there is a doctrinal issue between you and a leader me a church you take that issue up with that flocks leader. Your job is to preach what God has told you to say. I totally agree with what he said and totally back his stance. If you take it up with the leader you have a greater chance of changing a whole flock instead of maybe changing one or two people while taking it up during your sermon. Also if you insult the church and pastor by “preaching” your doctrine you more than likely will not get am invitation to return to speak and will not be able to impact the church by the difference of your life. Also if baptizing in Jesus name was such a huge issue as we make it than why would God allow his Holy Spirit to be infilled in Trinitarians. Do not get me wrong I do believe God wants everyone to be baptized in Jesus but through this discussion it seems like you all are implying that because they are not baptized in Jesus name they are not saved and I believe that is not the case.

    • Jesus said no man would enter the Kingdom unless he is born of the water and the Spirit. The plan of salvation first preached in Acts 2:38 tells us that baptism in Jesus Name is “for the remission of sins”. There is NO salvation outside of baptism in Jesus name because there is no remission of sins outside of baptism in Jesus Name. Those that preach in churches of other faiths need to do so with wisdom, but also with the recognition that unless these people are baptized in the only saving name they will be lost. If an apostolic preacher is obedient to the Spirit in preaching, he will eventually be led to preach true slavation. Those that feel they are not entitled to preach doctrine feel that way simply because they themselves are not convinced of doctrinal truth. Prov 23:23 “Buy the truth, and sell it not” The sad fact is that much of the Oneness Pentecostal Movement is beginning to sell the truth for recognition and fame. God is looking for an untainted church.

  12. I just can’t for the life of me understand how Small Minded you people are!
    (oneness pentecostals) The CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST is a PENTECOSTAL CHURCH and we are SAVED and SANCTIFIED FILLED with the HOLY GHOST and SPEAK in TONGUES, I can not let you (Self Proclaimed Pope Of Pentecost) CONTINUE to INSULT what we believe! Matt:28:19 is RIGHT!!!!! What you fail to realize is we don’t believe in THREE GOD’S!!!!!! That’s crazy, just because we Baptize according to what Jesus said, and he did say it, (GO INTO ALL THE WORLD,BAPTIZING THEM IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND OF THE SON AND OF THE HOLY GHOST) DOES NOT MEAN WORSHIP THREE GODS!!!!! We ars a Loving God Fearing Church and we are going to Heaven just like YOU!!! (If you don’t stop Fighting everybody you won’t see Jesus yourself) Bishop T.D.Jakes & Bishop Noel Jones are Greatly respected in our church and I don’t think that Bishop Charles Blake would let them come if he thought they were going to preach that FOOLISHNESS you keep talking about!!!!! WATER DOES NOT SAVE YOU, JESUS SAVES!!!!! Im praying that the LORD will take ALL of the BITTERNESS out of your HEART and give you a New understanding of the word!!!!!

  13. Casey let me make sure I am understanding what you are saying you do not believe that people who are filled with the Holy Ghost but are not baptized in Jesus name but have been immersed in water are not saved. I hope that is not your argument because when we go to heaven you all are going to be up for a humongous surprise because I fully believe that they will be right along side of us in heaven. It saddens me how as Apostolics we have such a better than everyone and we are the only ones saved attitude. It is sad to say but even within the Apostolic community some Apostolics look down on others because they feel like they do not fit “Apostolic Mold” and preconceived ideas of a “true apostolic.” It is time out for all this negativity and work out our own salvation with fear and trembling as it says to do in Philippians 2:12.

  14. I preached Wednesday nite february the 16th at a non denominational, Trinidadian church for the first time. I’ve been preaching for 8 years. I felt the annointing in a powerful way and preached like I was at home. I mentioned briefly the plan of salvation by preaching the tabernacle plan. The pastor invited me back for a revival. Glory to GOD! I don’t think our Pentecostal churches can hold the revival God wants us to have.

  15. You’re right…there is no reason for an Apostolic not to preach the Apostolic doctrine in a Trinitarian church…because it’s all biblical (Just as long as they don’t send trinitarians to hell and tell them they are serving 3 gods). You MUST have the Holy Ghost to be saved, and clear EVIDENCE that you have the Holy Ghost is that you have spoken in tongues. And why not attach the Name of Jesus to baptism? There are some trinitarians that attach the name of Jesus to their trinitarian formula and I have to say…I’m not mad at them.


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