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Soul Winning At Work

Praise Our One God!

So today I’m at work and as you know I am always prepared to witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. Currently I’m in a training environment learning some new skills. Well, a co-worker of mine which was a female so happen to be sitting next to me and we started to have a conversation about the Lord (not sure how we got on the subject but we ended up talking about Jesus and Church). Well, since the door was open, I decided to take my wallet out and give her a church card (it has the name of our church and service times and directions on it). As I was giving her my church card, she opened her pocketbook to give me her church card (which I happily took). She goes to one of those Charismatic Word Of Faith Non Denominational churches. We both busted out laughing because we both were trying to witness to each other through means of church cards. I joked with her and said “you know you always have to be ready to witness with a church card”. She laughed back and said “yeah your right”.

Later that day a woman blurted out in the classroom that was sitting far way from me saying “Yall, I need to start going to church. I’m new to Raleigh anyone know of a good church”. Picture this. Instantly I ran for my wallet while the other sister ran for her purse and we frantically starting looking for our church cards. Then the sister looked over at me and said “no I’m going to take her to my church”. I then yelled back “no no no, she is coming with me, that’s my new member”. It was sooooooooo funny that both of us were fighting over a soul. (It was all in love and fun of corse but the bottom line is we wanted to both witness to her).

Later on that day we were outside during break time and the girl who wanted to find a good church to go to came up to me and asked me what my church believed in. Why did she do that. I was like YES!!!! This is like taking candy from a baby. I’m going to tell her God’s plan of salvation for her life. So I started to tell her about our basic beliefs in the Bible and how we believe that in order to obtain heaven, we must be born of water and of Spirit. Her face lit up. She said “ohhhh, so its like an inside thing right???” I told her YES! You are correct. She asked if my church wore dresses because she liked pants and does not wear dresses. I told her to come as you are. Yes our women wear skirts as opposed to pants however do not let that bother you. God loves her just as she is (and is willing to change her from the inside out). I then told her about the baptism in Jesus Name Only versus Father Son and Holy Ghost. Her face lit up again because she said “I was baptised in Father Son Holy Ghost but I never knew why they never said A NAME!!!!!!! Now I see how your to be baptised. Saints, how in the world can this women instantly accept the message of truth while others fight against what is clearly found in the Word of God. It amazes me. Well a nosey co-worker came out and was listening in. She started to say how you could worship whomever you choose just as long as you serve the Almighty God. She listed Buddha and Allah as being lessor gods of some sort. Then she said it did not matter what church you went to. Now Saints, I was burning mad on the inside because I knew it was the work of the enemy to have this women come spewing her false doctrine. I turned to her and said “I would have to disagree with you kind sister. You see, the Bible says “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life”. Now since Jesus is the only way according to scripture, would it be safe to say that it is NOT ok to serve other gods like Allah and Buddha and that you must come through Jesus Only. She looked down and said “well yeah, you really are right”.

Needless to say Saints, I had a full day of witnessing for the Lord today. I want to encourage you to stand up for Jesus. Let God lead you to a person that needs to know the Truth! The Bible says that the truth will MAKE you free indeed. God’s truth is so powerful that you once you accept it, you have no choice but to walk in the light and shun darkness. While God gives all free will, God is so powerful that when you choose Him, His Spirit pushes you out of the chains of sin and into walking into newness of life. The Apostolic Way is the ONLY WAY! We are NOT a denomination, we are a continuation of the book of Acts. We follow everything Christ taught his disciples in the New Testament Church to follow. The baptism in Jesus Name is the only way. The Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues is the biblical way of truth. The fruit of the Spirit cultivated after a decision to be sanctified and blood washed is the only assurance that we continue to be in the will of God. Lets clap our hands and rejoice for we know the ABSOLUTE TRUTH which is found in the Word. And now that we know the Truth, we must tell someone about it. Join me today in spreading the good news of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Bless you in Jesus High Holy Name.


  1. There are so many people around us asking in verbal and non-verbal ways to visit our church assemblies and we often completely miss it!


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