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Deliverance Hit Like A Whirlwind Tonight In Church!


      This morning service was awesome. One soul was baptised in Jesus Name today in SPANISH! That was a first for me. Y Pedro les dijo: Arrepentíos y sed bautizados cada uno de vosotros en el nombre de Jesucristo para perdón de vuestros pecados, y recibiréis el don del Espíritu Santo. Now that was awesome to hear.

     Pastor preached from Genesis 25:28-34 on Essau selling his birthright to Jacob. The message title was “The Tragedy of A Weak Moment”. As you and I both know, you have to be real weak in your flesh if you sell your birthright (inheritance) away. At one time or another, we have all had a weak moment. All of us will face them because we are human and in the flesh. However, in those moments of weakness, what determines the outcome of that trial is how much God we have in our life. Very little  God in your life causes an individual to succumb to weakness. Some have suffered weakness but have recovered and made sure that the weakness did not destroy their soul. Understand this Saints, the biggest battle/problem is OURSELVES/the flesh! My own flesh is the problem. When we give into the flesh can cause some eternal consequences (i.e. hurt, pain, misery, and even causes one to go to hell).  Sometimes it just seems easier to just give into the flesh, BUT DONT!!!!!! We can rise above it and receive victory through Jesus Christ our Lord. Carnal appetites bring destruction but there is victory over those carnal fleshly desires. It is our faith in Christ Jesus that will help us through to our victory. Remember, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. We can triumph over our flesh by saying no to the enemy and yes to God’s way and plan for our life and its only through faith in the shed blood of Jesus that we will ever be able to conquer our flesh.

     Now tonight was something special. The congregation was singing this old school hymn that I did not even know. I actually did not like the song because I was too busy listening to the music and the beat and not the lyrics. I noticed how the congregation was in a frenzy and I could not understand why. So, I started to listen to the lyrics of the hymn and it sent me overboard with the rest of the Saints (don’t ask me what the song was I don’t even remember lol). Well, I saw one old man about 80+ years old go running around the temple, that set a fire through the whole congregation. People started running to the altar hand in hand rejoicing and crying. Then our Pastor started laying hands on people. Next thing I saw was someone who was either in a wheelchair, cane, or walker come holding his hands up in the air in total surrender with 2 brothers holding him up. They laid hands on him and he began to rejoice.

     Picture the organ playing those “deliverance” chords with people are running and screaming and jumping and speaking in tongues, falling out and the whole Pentecostal nine yards. Then Pastor told the congregation “The healer is here it heal, if you need a healing in your body, I want you to walk around the church 2 times”. When I tell you the aisles were packed with Saints walking around the walls. It was so packed that people were hardly walking. The music is going, people are rejoicing, deliverance is taking place and healing is flowing through the temple. There were every bit of about 2,500 in evening worship tonight (we have a large church) and God’s power was so strong I can still feel it right now as I type. Pastor preached on the Miracle of the Floating Ax (Remember the story in the bible where the man was chopping and the ax head fell off in the Jordan river and the man of God through a stick into the water and the as floated to the top of the water, and then started to swim. That story).  Miracles were taking place all over the temple. I’m just glad I there to witness everything that I saw and felt.

     That being said, 1 soul was verified as being filled with the Holy Ghost tonight at the altar. I literally saw him pray through until Shiloh came. I’m just on fire for God right now. What a wonderful way to start the week off. I recognize that everyone does not experience this in their churches on a regular basis, if I were you I’d pray and fast and ask God to show up and show out in your congregations. Better yet, I’d be a fire starter for Jesus and get up and run the aisles all by myself (in hopes someone else will catch on fire too). That being said Saints, have a wonderful and blessed week in Jesus Name.


  1. thank you for the story I love Jesus an am glad to hear of your awsome church. we have good sevices as well God bless you.


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