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Committed From “The Sing-Off”

As a gospel singer and a defender of the Pentecostal Apostolic Faith, I can always appreciate good music. If its one thing the Seventh Day Adventist Church taught me was how to harmonize vocally like never before. This Adventist group (who by the way went to a college that I only spend a semester at back in the day before they pushed me out for shouting and speaking in tongues) by the name of Committed hands down has blown me away by their melodious harmonies. I was at work and a girl told me that she was watching a TV show called The Sing Off. (Well I have no TV so I couldnt watch it) She told me there was a group that could sing their heart out. I can appreciate good Christian music so I logged on to YouTube to see a clip of these fellas singing. While its apparent because of the show they were forced to sing a secular song (well, I guess no one really can “force” you to do anything you don’t want to do) I have to say these fellas are extremely talented. To my surprise they had a Christmas song on YouTube as well, so in keeping with the holiday season, I posted their song for your listening pleasure. Cant wait till their gospel album drops.

(They put you in the mind of Take 6 don’t they?)


  1. They were very good.

  2. I caught a few minutes of their performance tonight
    I was very impressed with their singing, presentation, and demeanor but disappointed that one of the judges actually suggested that “rock and roll is sometimes about being a thug” (Ben Folds). Hugely disappointed at that. So tired of the word thug being mentioned when certain people are around.

  3. I was really impressed by their singing. I also was very excited to see a Christian group being nationally recognized. Unfortunately I became increasingly disappointed by this group because of their “sexing up” of their performances. A good example of this was during their Usher medley. They were singing about making love and touching themselves! Pitiful! The judges even commented on this. Nicole Sherzinger even blazingly commented “that was the Holy Spirit moving through them” (concerning their sexual movements). Again, they were amazing vocalists, but what kind of Christian testimony is this sending to the world? Sad.

  4. I happen to be acquainted with a couple of the guys in Committed. Watching the show, I just laughed, when they did the dance moves. That is so unlike them. . . . . In “private” life, members of Committed are role models for boys in our inner city church. (Dennis and Therry provide worship music for us.) The young boys attending our church are the typical products of the projects — don’t know who their dads are, surrounded by visual and verbal filth, etc. I believe these boys are happy to accept Committed as a role model, despite the human imperfections of these incredibly talented young men. (My church is in Huntsville, AL — but not the same church as the SDA one Committed attends).


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