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Vintage Apostolic Worship & Praise

Do you remember this oldie but goodie?


  1. Thanks for the clip, I just loved it. Pastor Ellis really believed what he was singing about, he’s got to make this journey somehow. If more Pastors lived that way, then there would’nt be so much sin in the church.

  2. This video is a thrill to the soul! If this doesn’t get you to shouting, methinks you need to visit the prayer room and get a refreshing of the Holy Ghost! (Does your church even have a prayer room?) I have been so lucky to have lived in the vicinity of Greater Grace Temple (both buildings) for a good period of my life. Rev. Dr. Bynum actually lives down my street! For the later part of my school years, I was part of a group known as the “Three Musketeers.” I was the United Pentecostal boy, another pal of mine’s father pastored an ALJC assembly, and my third buddy’s dad was a Pentecostal Assembly of the World evangelist that had his home base at Greater Grace. Needless to say, we chaps were inseparable. Greater Grace was “on the radio” years before they went on television and we made sure to listen as often as possible.

    Talk about a “shoutin party” when Greater Grace moved from its old home (which was already huge) to its present facilities! Greater Grace Temple is the largest congregation of ANY kind in metro-Detroit. I know it’s probably vanity, but I do flush with pride when driving past the building.

  3. @ OneGod1 YES my church sure does have a prayer room. We are OLD SCHOOL Apostolic!!!!! Ha ha ha!

  4. It makes me want to shout: “Halleujah, thank you Jesus! Lord, You’re so worthy of all the glory.” When I think about the Lord, how He saved me, how He raised me, how He filled me with the Holy Ghost, how He saved me to the uttermost . . . When I think about the Lord, how He picked me up and turned me around, how He placed my feet on solid ground . . . it makes me want to shout halleujah!

    (This is from the song ‘When I Think About The Lord,’ written by Steve Parent from the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ (and home of Great Lakes University) that is also in the greater Detroit area. It is also the second largest assembly in the United Pentecostal Church International).

    P.S. – Thank the Lord your church (still) has a prayer room, Bro! *LOL*

  5. Though I rejoice at the fervency of the worship experience as recorded in this clip, I must note that, even then the insidious effects of Satan’s long arm was reaching into the church as we knew it. The standard of true and unadulterated Apostolic Holiness was already in decline and was being compromised even in our most celebrated churches, as evidenced by the shamefully worldly and immodest attire being worn by most of the worshipers in the clip.

    Excessive cosmetic make-up, more ornamental jewelry than a Christmas tree, ladies hair cut in styles and shaved closer than sheep’s wool, to say nothing of the many and myriad colors the hairstyles were dyed in. If that were not enough, you have the Brothers with overly long hair and “pimp-like” attire. Even the music betrays the beginnings of, what we see today, as the all-out secularization of sanctified music in our worship services. If you were raised in pure Apostolic-Pentecostal Holiness for most or all of your life, it is not difficult to hear the very jazzy and R&B-like strains that the musician is cording on the synthesizer and electric piano.

    I was not so caught up in nostalgia that I could not discern the implicit sensuality in some of the musical runs, which was – even at that time, considered worldly and unacceptable in most of our church services. Young people enjoyed the sound though, and it was thought innocent enough to allow under the guise of “this is what we have to do to reach the younger generation.” A greater lie has never been told and bought wholesale by the Saints since the Day of Pentecost. These were the seeds that we now see fully flowered as “strange fire” occurring in sanctuaries across America in Pentecostaldom, and which are almost impossible to extract from our midst.

    It was during that very time, from which we observe in the clip, that our leaders somehow forgot or forsook the admonishment of the Lord that, “a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” They stayed silent while inch by inch the contamination of the world began to seep into the very essence of our faith and convictions as an Apostolic People. Soon thereafter, we begin seeing pants being worn by so-called Apostolic women and preachers with dreadlock and earrings in the pulpit. Jazz and R&B is the accepted norm now for worship and praise and some churches are even converting to Hip-Hop as their preferred style of so-called gospel music. But that is where and when it started – in that very same clip.

    Greater Grace Temple is not what it once was, and the same could be said of most of our Apostolic churches in existence today. Just go to any one of them on any given Sunday morning and you will see a transformation so utterly complete and total from Holiness to worldliness that you would never have believed possible in your lifetime. Our Apostolic-Pentecostal pioneers would not recognize the very churches they founded if they were alive today, and would condemn most of us as “backsliders and heretics” and put us all out the church – starting with the preachers and leaders. We have, for the most part, departed from the faith….and it did not start today, but has been going on for a very long time…just watch the clip for yourself and see.

    And by the way….I remember when the WHOLE SANCTUARY itself was the “Prayer Room.” The whole church assembled for prayer each night and early in the morning. Those who didn’t work came at noon day for prayer IN THE SANCTUARY. The advent of the “Prayer Room” came when we no longer wanted to take the time during a regular church service to tarry with those at the altar until they came through speaking in tongues with the Holy Ghost, no matter how long it took. We wanted to hurry up and move the service along, so we sent the seekers to another area we conveniently and piously named “The Prayer Room.” Out of sight and out of mind so we could get out of service “at a decent time.”

    Also when people stopped coming to prayer we no longer wanted to spend the money lighting and heating the sanctuary for just a few, so we thought it better to shift the handful of intercessors now attending prayer service to a smaller, less expensive setting, thus the “Prayer Room.” So, let’s not wax proud about whether or not your church “still” has an “Old Fashioned” Prayer Room. Even the concept of that is mistakenly and sanctimoniously ridiculous, because if the WHOLE CHURCH was coming to prayer service like we should, as it did in the REAL olden days, there would be no need for some tiny cubbyhole dubbed as the “Prayer Room” to even exist – we would all be packing out the sanctuary for prayer like we do for concerts and musicals!!!


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