Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | December 16, 2010

Apostolic Christmas Carol: Atlanta West Pentecostal Church Choir


  1. I always marvel when I witness the Atlanta West Pentecostal Church Choir ministering unto the Lord. You see, folks, that’s what they do. They minister unto Him – – they worship the Lord, they find their joy in Him. Yes, they do sound wonderful and they do “have it going on” but if you’ll indulge me, when it comes to their lifestyles, they really do believe and live “Jesus Only”

    I wrote up a little blurb for my church’s website, Christian Life Center, and I hope that POP can show it:

    This video is the Atlanta West Pentecostal Church Choir joyfully singing of the first advent of the wonderful, counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. The One True God — our Lord Jesus Christ robed Himself, or incarnated Himself, and came to earth as a baby born (of all places) in an animal stall that He might redeem humankind from sin.

    No Santa Claus parading around with them. No glitzy lapel pins to remind you to say, “Merry Christmas” instead of something else.

    Just the flowing of the wonderful Spirit of the Lord as He “sings” through a group of people that love Him with no strings attached: the Atlanta West Pentecostal Church Choir.

    Once again, the Atlanta West Pentecostal Church choir has “won” the choir competition at Verizon’s “How Sweet The Sound” – – and have retained their position as America’s best (and favorite) gospel choir!

    This video is from when the choir were guests on ABC Television’s “Good Morning America” broadcast.

    No glitz . . . no glam . . . just Jesus


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