Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | January 29, 2011

Sunday Morning Sermon Topic: The Godhead / Oneness Of God

When I go into my church for worship service, I almost feel like I’m going to a Oneness Pentecostal theological seminary. I know EVERYONE love’s their Pastor, but boy do I love my Pastor. He will preaching this Sunday morning (actually all day) on the Godhead! I love how he consistently reminds us of our belief in One God. Tomorrow I will be taking notes and sharing with you everything that he preaches. Its time to revist old truths that solidify our Apostolic Faith. After tomorrow’s sermon, I guarantee you, you will be equipped with scripture (not denominational or organizational ideas) but biblical ideas you can in turn believe on, cherish, and share with others that don’t know the truth about our One and True God who has a Name above all other Names, Lord Jesus Christ. Sit with your tent doors open and tune in Monday for the sermon notes.


  1. However,I have to clarify that it is correct to water baptise in Jesus name.When you all worship the Lord I sense His spirit moving.
    The question remains whether we have also experienced the change on the inside of our hearts that only the Holy spirit brings


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