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Super Bowl 2011 Winners

Perhaps you’ve just finished watching the Super Bowl or perhaps you didn’t watch the Super Bowl and you stumbled on this blog to find out who the winners where for Super Bowl 2011. I’ll be happy to tell you who the real winners ultimately are.

You see, well over 2000 years ago, there was a real man by the name of Jesus Christ. This man was born with YOU in mind. He knew that we could not have eternal life unless He came to earth in the form of man in order to save us all from our sins. He was born for you, He died for you, and He literally raised Himself up from the dead just so that you too could live again after this system of things on earth passes away. Ultimately Jesus Christ is both 100% God and 100% Man. No one dead or alive can every claim to be human and deity at the same time. WOW! This is good to know.

The only way you can know for sure that you have eternal life is to simply believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. The bible says in Mark 16:16 “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” After you believe on Jesus Christ, you then must repent to Him and Him alone for all of the sin’s you have done. Repentance just doesn’t mean saying that your sorry, it means to literally and physically turn away from those sins to never do them again.

Finally, there are 2 baptisms that you must experience. The spiritual baptism of the Holy Ghost which will manifest itself physically and externally with the sign of speaking in tongues (a language that you’ve never learned that only God can understand), and you must be physically be baptised through immersion in water in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ (not the popular titles of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). After you have experienced these baptisms, you will be born again. A new creature. All of your old habits would have passed away. God has now made you a new creature in Him and all of this is yours just because you believed. See Acts 2:38

Yes, you clicked on this site to find out who the 2011 winners are for the Super Bowl, but whats more important is the true winners. The true winners are all members of the body of Christ who have experienced being born again of the water baptism in Jesus Name and the in filling of the Holy Ghost with the initial signs following them of speaking in tongues. That who the real winners are. And instead of a once a year game, we get to have an eternal winning streak through Christ your Lord and my Lord.

Your local neighborhood Apostolic church can assist you in guiding you through the steps of salvation. If you’re not sure what church to go to, click on this site in order to find an Apostolic Church closest to you.

You also need to have a bible in order to find all the wonderful truths and fringe benefits our great God has to offer. If you don’t have a Bible, don’t worry. promises to send a new or gently-used Bible to anyone in the U.S. who cannot afford to purchase one. Requests are limited to one per person and one per address, but other than these simple rules, there are no catches! You can also use free online/internet bibles until your new bible comes in the mail

Use a Free Online Bible.

God bless you dear reader in the only saving Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Feel free to browse this blog as an excellent resource for saving truth.


  1. Excellent post, Bro! Don’t it send chills up and down your spine to think that the One True and Mighty God of the Universe saw through time and His eyes gazed upon the wreck that was me. He fashioned a human body for Himself and came as the Person of Jesus Christ. WOW. He paid the price for my sins that by all rights of fairness and justice that I should be responsible for and pay for myself – – but He did it for me. He gave me His precious name – the name of the Lord Jesus Christ – to be spoken over me when I (Marty Wright) became dead to trespasses and sins and that old man became buried with Him in water baptism (see Romans 6:4). When the “old things” were washed away in the name of Jesus Christ, I rose to newness of life – yet not I – but Jesus (God) living in me (Galatians 2:20), and to prove this newness He took control of my vocal faculties and spoke through me in a manner that only He can understand (see Acts 2:4).

    There’s more to saying “Jesus is Lord” and “Christ in us, the Hope of Glory” that what one may originally think!

  2. You have a very impressive and informative web page. Bishop Roberts was a wonderful man of God. Although I am a Bahamian, I believe that he was my Blood relative. He Looks just like my second brother whose name is Odrick Roberts. May the work that he has done speak for him!!!

  3. Hello, Brother Roberts! Thank God for the Blood that Washes White as Snow! Praise the Lord!


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