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4 Were Baptised In Jesus Name @ Church Today

I thank and praise God for His many blessing’s He consistently bestows upon His children who will stand for The Truth. 3 were baptised in Jesus Name for morning worship and 1 was baptised in Jesus Name tonight during evening worship for a total of 4 souls. Let’s give God a great hand clap of praise for those souls who were baptised today.

Church was awesome all day long. God moved by his power and shackles were loosed all over the temple. Bro. Jason Hood, an evangelist out of Atlanta GA, preached all day to us and that brother is one ole fire ball (he reminds me of the old soul-stirring Apostolic Church that I grew up in as a teen). The brother preached this morning on  being “Interrupted By A Miracle” and he came from the story of how Jesus interrupted a funeral procession because He had compassion on the mother who had just lost her son. While they were on their way out of the city to bury the boy, Jesus came and interrupted the funeral procession and raised the boy from the dead! When all hope is gone and it looks like its time to just give up and “bury” your situation, God will step right in and interrupt your grieving, your pity party, your depressed moment, and cause a miracle to happen just in the nick of time. Tell the Lord thank you for interrupting my situation and giving me the miracle that I need!

Tonight’s service was about staying in the race to win! We danced and danced and danced and ran up and down the aisles until our legs gave out. The power of God was all over the place (I think I even saw people swinging from the chandeliers in the balcony a little). Tonight’s preacher gave a great analogy on how when the 1996 Olympics came to Atlanta, GA there were billboards all over the city saying various things. One billboard in particular said “I didn’t come just to run, I came to WIN!” Another billboard said “You don’t win a silver medal, you loose the gold metal” so in other words, winning the silver metal is not good enough, you gotta go for the gold. As people of the Most High God (and that God has a Name, the Lord Jesus Christ) we must never give up on our ultimate goal. Our goal is not just to run this race, but its to win it. Plenty of souls start out running but they give up all too soon, some even backslide. But you see, if you get tired of running, you might have to walk a little while. If you stumble and fall, you might have to crawl a little while. The purpose of this race is to KEEP ON MOVING knowing that if you persevere until the end, God is going to give you a crown of life.

Saints, I want to encourage you to not throw in the towel. Not many days hence, our great God is soon to come to take all of His children who have been baptised in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost with the sign of speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives them the utterance, home to be with Him. What a glorious day that will be. Then we will truly be able to say it was worth staying in the race. In the meantime, let us all enjoy our trip to heaven by staying prayerful, attending our church services faithful, witnessing to those that don’t know the Lord, and most importantly, live a holy, clean and sanctified life so that God can continue to use us for His service. Dont taint yourself with the ways of this world. Continue to allow the Holy Ghost to transform you into what God has called you and I to be in these last and evil days.

Bless you in Jesus Name and have a great work/school week.


  1. Prasie the Lord for the four souls that were baptised in Jesus Name. Something mighty is going on in the spirit realm. We have experience weekly Baptism for the month of Feb. Let us keep preaching that saving name of Jesus.

  2. “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him (Colossians 3:18).”

    Yes, Brother, I can see it! Preach the word and be instant in and out of season – – being ready at any time to tell the wonderful story of how God put Himself into a body and came as the Son of God, Jesus Christ!


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