Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | March 13, 2011

Sunday Night Worship: 2 Got The Holy Ghost, 1 Baptised In Jesus Name, Holy Communion & Feet Washing

What a power packed night tonight. We had Holy Communion and the washing of the Saints feet tonight. I have never taken communion in such a fashion. The power of God was so strong you could feel it as soon as you pulled up to the church property. Thousands literally were pouring into the gym (ladies on one side and men on the other side) and everyone was already in a season of prayer. We prayed until the power of God literally took complete control of the communion service. As I prayed tonight, I head the words repentance, deliverance, and freedom. Thats all that keep resounding in my ear over and over again. There were people as young as 10 crying out to God. When I look at the youth of my church, I can outwardly see that they truly mean God all the way. I said to myself “If the rapture took place I believe no one would be left behind”. Thats how sure I was of not only my salvation but the salvation of the rest of the Saints. When your saved, you can tell inwardly and outwardly when you look upon someone else. God just gives you that countenance of joy and peace that only the Holy Ghost could give.

We ate the Lords supper together (and boy did we worship and praise God at that moment). Now comes the funny part, as we washed feet, I could hear the water splashing all through the gym as the Saints (apparently) were stomping in the water……ha ha ha……I did a little splashing myself as the brother washed my feet. It was so scared and Holy. The art of humility is something that everyone should desire, and feet washing is one of many opportunities one can put into practice servanthood.

Pastor preached on love tonight. Love for your neighbor. Forgiveness for yourself and for those that have hurt you. After you forgive, put into practice the love of God for both your friend and your enemy (which at times can be hard however it can be accomplished). At the end of service, 2 received the Holy Ghost and one who got the Holy Ghost was baptised in Jesus Name. It was an awesome sight to watch someone being born of the water and Spirit. As always, we shouted, ran the aisles in a Holy Ghost marathon, prayed for those that needed prayer and sang until we couldn’t sing no more. God was truly praised tonight.

The bible speaks of wars, rumors of wars, pestilence in the land, famine, and earthquakes. Lets pray this week for the people in Japan that they continue to have faith and courage in the One True Living God. We have numerous Apostolic Saints over there witnessing and spreading the gospel. Regardless of what Apostolic organization you are a part of, every Oneness organization has at least one missionary in Japan. If you want to help Japan, give to World Missions (or whatever your church might call it) so that we can help spread the Truth over there in Japan as well as help them rebuild and replace that which was lost. Pray for them and everyone world-wide that everyone’s needs are met both physically and spiritually. Even though these things MUST happen, there is still hope in Christ for all who will listen and obey.


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