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Sunday Evening Worship

I have a hunch that tonight we are going to have a blow out Apostolic Praise Break! Our youth just got back from the Youth Convention and when they walked into Sunday School, I literally thought we were not going to get to teach because of the wonderful testimonies of young adults being filled with the Holy Ghost over the last week at the conference. This morning we had 1 soul to be filled with the Holy Ghost, but as I get myself prepared to worship God tonight, I’m believing that I nor the congregation will NOT be the same after tonight’s service. Morning worship was I amazing, but its something about those “stomp down” Sunday night services. That said, stay tune for the update in Jesus Name. I pray each of you had a great morning worship.


Where do I even begin? I will tell you this, God moved in such a way that every single soul that was in tonight’s service walked out free from SOMETHING! I love how I had concocted how I wanted God to operate in tonight service and instead He (God) did something greater than I had imagined! It started in choir rehearsal when a young brother told me that God instantly had healed him during the Friday night service at the Youth Convention in Tulsa this past week. He was scheduled to have knee surgery yet God is the one who did the miraculous surgery. Not only had he NOT been able to run around church, but it caused him some serious pain issues to walk. Well Saints, he ran up and down and around the church tonight for the first time in a long time giving God praise. We rejoiced with him. An anonymous testimony came in that one of the Saints owed the IRS $30,000. The Saint and Pastor prayed and a miracle took place. They got home one day and there was a letter in the mail from the IRS stating their whole debt had been forgiven. Yall know it was God alone that fixed this persons IRS financial burden. Give God glory!

Two souls were baptised in Jesus Name tonight and 2 or more got the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues tonight. One soul that was baptised (a male) was immersed so deep, the water came spilling out the pool and went running down the choir stand. Boy was that a sight (lol).  It was just a powerful service tonight with so many good reports (i.e. our Bible quizzers came back with trophies, young folk came back on fire for God) just an all around stomp down Apostolic service.

I want to leave you with this encouragement (taken from tonight’s sermon). When you’re in a boat, its easy to flow where the river wants to take you. Religion says you don’t have to be baptised in Jesus Name. Religion says you don’t have to have the Holy Ghost. Religion even says its ok to be immodest and still serve God. Religion wants you to come as you are and stay as you are. Religion teaches prosperity as one of the many roads to earthly riches. However, when you row against the current it becomes difficult right? Right! Thats the way God wants the True church to be. He wants us to go against the current. Do the complete opposite that modern religion teaches you to do. Yes, it’s easier to just “go with the flow” unfortunately you will miss God that way. When you row opposite the current, you will find God and the things God has in store for you just for being faithful to The Truth, only found in His Word.

Stay faithful to Acts 2:42. If the Apostles Doctrine was good enough to follow even after the day of Pentecost, who are we to say its ok to follow another way. Your bible is proof that the Apostles Doctrine is still the only way to God. Not Apostolic because your church banner says Apostolic, but Apostolic in your heart. Apostolic because it’s The Truth. Apostolic, because its Bible. Apostolic because there is victory found in it. Any other door is a door not worth knocking on. Why? Well Saints, if it’s not Acts 2:42 then it can’t be right.

We are not the only ones that are right because of our organizational affiliation (UPCI, PAW, COOLJC, WWPF, ALJC) nor are we the only ones right because our “written” church creed or “written” church banner declares it, we are right because we live and obey all 66 books of the Bible with a firm foundational teachings that’s built upon the only acceptable doctrine that we will be judged by. The teachings set forth by the Apostles with Jesus Christ being the Chief Cornerstone.

In closing, be proud of your holiness heritage. Be proud to be named among those that are sanctified. Be proud you don’t look, act, and dress like the world. Be even more proud to pass out tracts, knock on doors, and witness every chance you get. Heaven would be a pretty boring place if you kept all this Truth to yourself. Instead, be a kingdom builder by making heaven what its suppose to be, a place where millions of souls were obedient to Gods command. A place were everyone has been born of the water and Spirit regardless of race, nationality, or background.

I love you in Jesus Name, and YES God has lifted the writer’s block off of me. It’s good to be back!

Bless you in Jesus Name!


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