Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | July 29, 2011

PAW Holy Convocation w/Legendary Joint Communion Service with PCAF

Communion Service has been changed to Wednesday morning @ 9AM.  We shall be joined in this service with many Bishops & delegates from the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith.  Their Presiding Bishop J.E. Moore will be preaching this most reverent service.  The Bishops will wear Black suits, white shirts and red ties.  All ministers will wear black suits with clergy collars and the lay members should adorn themselves in white or cream.

Thursday night we will televise live over The Word Network from 8PM – 10:30PM.  Bishops, Suffragan Bishops & District Elders will wear their appropriate robes.  Bishops will wear their “purple” chimeres. (PAW Website)


  1. I was there and it was awesome! Words can barely describe how anointed the Communion Service was, it was Apostolic Unity!! Looking forward to New Orleans, LA next year and we are in the same city as PCAF again.

    Here are some videos from the Holy Communion Service & Thursday evening:

    PAW & PCAF Joint Holy Communion Service:

    PAW Thursday Evening LIVE via The WordNetwork:


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