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Bishop T.D. Jakes: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostal Defender of the Faith???? Or Compromiser Of The Truth???????


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Posted by Paul Baumeister
Oct 29th, 2011 at 9:41 pm PT

DALLAS – October 29, 2011. Bishop T.D. Jakes, the senior pastor of The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, has been challenged about his Apostolic beliefs in the Oneness of God during a brief, yet heated, Twitter debate on Friday — not the first time the megachurch pastor and accomplished author has been questioned about his doctrine regarding the Godhead.

This recent discussion appears to have started when Jakes tweeted to his followers Friday the following message: “God brings us together so that He can dwell in the midst of our unity, the church must lift up a standard of unity.”

Another Twitter user with the handle “Defend Orthodoxy” then tweeted: “Bishop Jakes: ‘…the church must lift up a standard of unity.’ // One reason why Modalism is a destructive heresy… misleading people.”

The Texas minister also began fielding accusations from Ken Silva, pastor of Connecticut River Baptist Church in Claremont, N.H. Silva is critical of teachings by various influential members in the Christian community, such as Jakes, Rob Bell and Rick Warren, to name a few.

Silva, an ordained Southern Baptist Conference minister, also questioned Jakes by tweeting to The Potter’s House pastor Friday: “Bishop Jakes Which God are you talking about? The Triune God of the Bible, or the ficticious god of modalism? Which one do you believe in?”

It was then that a minor debate ensued between Jakes and Silva regarding his beliefs about the Godhead, with Jakes tweeting: “Ken I believe in Jesus Christ the only begotten of the Father. I believe in the Holy Spirit sent to the world by the Father!”

Perhaps not wanting to get into a lengthy debate about a position he has addressed before, Jakes shut down the conversation and reportedly blocked Silva on Twitter, writing: “What I don’t believe in is dividing the body of Christ or allowing obnoxious communications in my space so….”

While all of the conversations are not recorded here, my question is “Is T.D. Jakes embarassed of what he believes? Why does he not just say that, “no I don’t believe in the Trinity; it’s a man-made doctrine that is not found in the Bible”? One of the dangers in always associating with Trinitarian pastors, is that there seems to be a tendency on many to dilute their own beliefs to accommodate others.


  1. King James Bible version or even the The New King James Version.
    Prayerfully read the book of 1st John Chaper 5 verse 7.(This is not same as the Gospel book of John. But the first epistle of John close to the book of Revelation).
    First John Chaper 5 verse 7 says”For there are three that bear record in heaven,the Father,the Word,and the Holy Ghost:and these three are one.” That is a very clear place where the Holy bible affirms the doctrine of Trinity. Water, Ice and Water Vapour are really the same thing;water. But they are all distinct forms of water.

    I love Oneness believers; especially when they worship as the Spirit of God starts to move. It is this Eternal Spirit who answers at the name of Jesus and saves all who call on the Lord.

  2. Like so many famous preachers, Bishop Jakes and others compromise the oneness of God to accommodate the trinitarians.There is no such thing as three persons in the Godhead. In 1 John 5:7 there is no mention of three PERSONS, The Bible says, “For there are THREE that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” This is not three persons but rather three manifestations of the One God. Neither the plural term persons (concerning God) or trinity are biblical terms, but manifestations IS. “And without controversy great is the mystery of goldliness: God was MANIFEST in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory” (1 Timothy 3:16).

  3. Let’s just PREACH JESUS. Calling people out isnt SALVATION either! Those that will hear, will HEAR!

  4. Well, I guess by now it’s fairly well known that Jakes recently renounced his belief in Oneness.

    That just confirms what we’ve already known (or should have known) for a while anyway. Now there’s no more doubt.

    Sad, to say the least; but the truth marches on, with or without Jakes.


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