Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | November 11, 2011

Thank You For Coming To East Coast Conference 2011 (Special Shout Out To The Brothers From Way Of The Cross Greensboro NC)

I’d like to personally thank everyone for coming to the East Coast Conference 2011. It was the most WORD BASED APOSTOLIC EVENT that is going to take us out of 2011 and set us all up for winning souls straight into 2012. We were all empowered this week to evangelize and make disciples throughout the ends of the earth. The fundamental teaching of Acts 2:38 is central for all who desire to be not only a Christian in name, but a Christian who then turns around and helps “add to the church daily, such that would be saved”. Safe traveling mercy to all.

Special shout out to the two young brothers from Way Of The Cross Greensboro NC who visited Friday night (something tells me you read this blog, if so, make sure you email me personally or leave a message via the site).

I’m going to bed yall, got a long day Saturday full of painting and moving furniture.

Bless you in Jesus Name.


  1. I attended the east cost conference and enjoyed it, except for elder Holmes, he said that he celebrates christmass, and as a oneness pentecostal, apostolic bible believer, I can say that the celebration of christmass, is not biblical, it is a worldly celebration of pagan origen, that proceeds from the catholic denomination, if the trinity is not scriptural, why would you say that christmass is, and of course is not just preacher Holmes, but most of the so call church people, if we are apostolic is because we follow after the apostols doctrine, and christmass, and easter and halloween or harvest festival (which is halloween in disguise in the church) was never preach, celebrated or part taked of by the apostols or any christian in bible times, so what’s the difference now, did GOD change? the spirit of compromising is in the church we better be carefull


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