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Saints, Beware Of Child Molesters!!!! (In response to the Jerry Sandusky scandal)

Saints, it is important that you protect your children. For the majority, 8 or more hours out of a day, children are away from their parents. The parent is at work, and the children are at school. The time spent away from the parent is critical to a child’s up bringing. Parent tells child not to talk to strangers, listen in school, don’t hang with the wrong crowd, stay out of chat rooms on the internet and so forth and so on. Then we have single parents. 1 mother or 1 father with 1 or more children to raise. Raising a child gets somewhat harder in this scenario. To add to all the foolishness, Satan desires to steal, kill, and destroy your child. He causes the flesh of men (and women) to want to harm children by molesting them, beating them, mentally abusing them, and all of this is done out of your presence. What in the world are we expected to do when comments like these from Jerry Sandusky are being made by those that have allegedly molested children:

“I could say that I have done some of those things. I have horsed around with kids. I have showered after workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact,” said Jerry Sandusky.”

Here is what God says in His Word concerning children.

Proverbs 22:6 Point your kids in the right direction— when they’re old they won’t be lost. (The Message Bible)

Deuteronomy 6:7-9 Write these commandments that I’ve given you today on your hearts. Get them inside of you and then get them inside your children. Talk about them wherever you are, sitting at home or walking in the street; talk about them from the time you get up in the morning to when you fall into bed at night. Tie them on your hands and foreheads as a reminder; inscribe them on the doorposts of your homes and on your city gates. (The Message Bible)

That scripture in Deuteronomy is powerful! I mean POWERFUL!!!!!!!! I personally believe that when you do what the bible tells us to do concerning raising your children, if harm (lets just say from a molester) comes near them, that child will instantly know to call on the Name of Jesus to deliver them out of the circumstance. Even if the persons says to them “shut up or I’ll kill you and your mother” if you train that child to not listen to the voice of the enemy but to listen to and call on the Name of Jesus in the time of distress, I believe all heaven will come to rescue that child from the hands of the enemy. I’m just silly enough to believe that just as angels ministered to Jesus when  his flesh was weakened from not eating, the same can take place for YOUR CHILD. But parent, it starts with you. The same tricks are being played by the enemy, but this time with a modern twist. If you fight the demonic realm with “thus saith the Lord of host” I cant help but to believe God is going to come to your rescue and do the miraculous. Train them. Train them. TRAIN THEM!!!!!!! (it also helps to tell them to put a little run in their feet too if you know what I mean….Im from the old school, kicking and scratching is still in order all while calling on Jesus…hey just a little humour…).

It appears that child molesters don’t touch the strong kids. They tend to pick on the weaker ones because they feel they can over power them. Hey, this is just my observation. When a child is weak, then are they made strong in the Holy Ghost. This is bible and goes for children and adults. I firmly believe if we pour the strength of God in our children, the enemy is going to be forced to look elsewhere when attempting to harm. Every child should be able to scream out in the time of need “No weapon that’s formed against me shall prosper”. If your child believes in Santa, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy and will fight you tooth and nail if you tell them that they DONT exist, certainly we can cause them to believe in Jesus, who actually exist. And when you call on the Name of Jesus, that child should know Jesus, will come to their rescue.

Be blessed in Jesus Name.

Clarification Update: I firmly believe that there are strong children and there are weak children. All children are not cut from the same cloth an NO CHILD regardless of them being strong or not, should ever be molested, or accept molestation as something they should endure by an individual. Let me give you an example. When given multiple banks to steal from, do bank robbers tend to steal from banks that have impenetrable security? No! They pick out the ones which they feel are easy to get away with. Just the other day, a child was being kidnapped I think at Wal-Mart, when the kidnapper picked her up, she screamed, and kicked, and went ballistic on the man. Do you know what that man did??? He put her down and ran the other way. This happened because the parent trained their child to do this. This current event proves my point, if we can be more proactive in telling our children how to react when harm comes to them COUPLED WITH scripture to combat the enemy with, it is my biblical belief that the outcome will be different.

This is my personal belief and my apologies to those who have been molested in times past. This article was not meant to make you feel low due to your hurtful circumstance.

Lets watch the video below of what happens when a child is trained by their parent on how to respond to kidnappers and such. I believe EVERY CHILD has this ability. If you can learn 2+2=4 then you can also learn how to NOT ACCEPT when someone wants to do harm to you.


  1. this is so awesome

  2. If they could only truly believe…………

  3. I will be glad to leave my comment but I am sure that you will not be glad to post it, for on your “observation” truly matters and if I dare disagree, well then i will not have a change to tell MY story.
    I am Apostolic. Have been raised it this from birth, My father, a pastor, my mother, the music minister. I was raised with STRONG Biblical teaching. I was not shy. In fact I began singing in front of the church at age 2. I learned scriptures as soon as I was able to speak them. I loved ( and still love) Jesus. I recieved the Holy Ghost at age 5, at that time my father allowed me to be baptized in Jesus Name. I was taught to fear the Lord. I was taught that I was important to God, to my family and to my church, I was respectful to my elders and a well rounded, happy child. Guess what?? I was MOLESTED! I was molested by a man who came to our church and ended up marrying into my family. I was drawn to him because I loved to sing for Jesus and this man was a singer and song writer. He molested me repeatedly for 6 years. Starting at the tender age of 8.
    So please, when it comes to sensitive subjects such as this one, it is my opinion that your personal observation should not be posted. Overall your article was good and informative. However, I personally took great offense being called weak. As I am a strong individual and have always been viewed as such. Even as a child i was strong willed and forward. I came from a 2 parent home with Godly influence. DONT BE FOOLED, MOLESTERS ARE EVERYWHERE. THEY CAN BE THE PERSON YOU LEAST EXPECT AND IT CAN HAPPEN TO THE CHILD YOU LEAST EXPECT!!!!! BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEEPS CLOTHING!!!!!!

  4. TOO LATE. This opinion is both hazardous and liable. Hazardous in blaming the victim and the parents for a crime committed against their personhood. You and your organizations are liable for the revictimiztion of all victims, spiritual abuse with intent; by teaching and propagating a doctorine that causes undue further harm to all that have suffered at the hands of predators. Furthermore, this bring a reproach to the gospel of Jesus Christ; whom suffered for us, the Apostles who were killed for the gospel except John Mark. All the saints whose blood was and is currently spilled that we may worship Yesuah. Your disclaimer doesn’t protect you or your organizations. Your article and the links represent an aknowlegdement of your actions and their knowledge of such actions.

    Rev. S.T. Buck RCP,CRT,CDCA
    I am happy to discuss any concerns that any organiztion, author or victims.
    Contact information

  5. And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?

    And when they lifted up their eyes afar off, and knew him not, they lifted up their voice, and wept; and they rent every one his mantle, and sprinkled dust upon their heads toward heaven.

    What bad thing did Job do that he was vexed??????????

  6. Well to respond to your Updated Clarification, My “bank” was in a secure home. My father a strong leader. Even children from strong homes can be molested. It is a work of the enemy, satan. Please do not fool yourself or your readers into believe that the devil only targets certain groups of people that are weak and unable to fight off the devil. In fact, it is the very opposite. The devil comes to destroy the work of God and to try to tear down Gods people. Today I stand a strong woman of God. I am a survivor. God has walked with me every step of my life. I didnt get molested because I didnt quote enough scriptures or because I didnt call the name of Jesus, in fact I called on Jesus. I didnt get molested because my parents didnt teach me to yell and scream. In fact many nights when this man came to my bed, I would pretend i was sleeping and I would thrash in my bed until i deliberatly kicked him in a not so nice place but yet he kept coming back for 6 years.
    Author, if you are trying to make sense of how a molester thinks, stop! there is no sense to it. I am just telling you that based on personal experience your thery is wrong. Many of God people have been torchered, persecuted and even put to death. There is nothing they could have done to stop it and it wasnt their “fault” anymore than it is the child or their parents faults that they have been molested. It is only the parents fault if they are neglegent in watching their children or if they purposely put them in a situation with a known molester. Otherwise it is the way of this wicked world that causes our children to be abused. A better article to write would be on how to survive after sexual abuse. That is something I personally would enjoy reading. I think we need to hear about how Gods word can heal every brokenness

  7. and author, one last comment in regards to the “Walmart KidKnapping” I am glad the girl got away, but this doesnt prove your point. This man tried to kidknap her in the middle of a public place. He wasnt even close to an exit and was unarmed. I dont know anyone that wouldnt have screamed. That is not even close to the same senario. Molestation almost always occurs in a private setting by a person who the victim knows and believes to be a “safe” person. In my case it was a brother in law. You cant compare the Walmart story with molestation,..

  8. As a childhood victim of molestation from a Stepfather, from aged 8 until I finally was able to stand my ground and say no, no more, enough, at the age of 14, I applaud you for writing this article!

    I was also molested by several other males…father of a childhood friend, an adult stepbrother, friends of my older brother, and a male friend of my parents…all before the age of 15. It has been a long, rough road of finding my own way in this life, back to the Father…and His “will” for my life…but I did! And I pray every single day that He will help me not to stray from this narrow road that He so desperately wants us all to travel! I just trust in the Lord in these things of pain that I do not understand. And I truly have forgiven and pray for those that hurt me.

    As a Christian mother and abuse survivor, I thank you for writing and publishing this article. I wish more people would bring this subject of childhood abuse out in the open, with real life strategies on how to prevent it from happening. I pray that one day, a major worldwide dialogue will open up regarding this subject. We need to protect our children, God’s most precious angels. I loved what you said about parents opening their eyes…as this is so true. I am so crazy about protecting my children, we talk about safety, etc. I keep my eyes and ears open, and talk with them, ask questions, keep the bonds of love open, and I pray, pray, pray often for the Lord to protect them always. And although I trust in God completely, I never ever trust humans with my children.

    I wanted to point out that I personally did not take any of your views or suggestions as a personal attack. Jesus taught me as a Christian, to love and accept everyone, despite our differences. As my relationship with Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit grows, He has taught me so much, and has led me to much peace, a peace I never thought possible on Earth. When I received the Holy Spirit Baptism in early 2010, I became a different person all together. I felt His Holy fire and Holy breath inside of me, like waves of electricity or a Holy electrical life force flowing inside of my veins. He is so very real! My first Baptism with the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit lasted over 4 hours, alone in bed at night. He stayed with me for 4 hours, I don’t think I could of survived if He had given me one more ounce of His Loving Holy Presence. I think I probably shed every single ounce of water inside of my body in tears of joy that streamed down my enraptured face! Anyway, what I wanted to say is that He has helped me see that my existence is not all about me…it is in fact all about Him, our Father and Lord, in ALL things…even those things in life that I don’t understand. It is all about how I can serve Him. He has slowly taught me how important “Humility” is in our desire to get closer to God. After all, without true humility, how can one advance deeper in their union with God?

    Through the Holy Spirit inside of me, guiding me, now when I feel “slighted” by someone else, before I reply on ego impulse, I remember to pause and listen to the Lord inside of myself….He is softly saying, just love, my little one, love, love and trust in Me always. Now, I catch myself not being defensive in every area of my life, like I was before! From someone cutting me off on the road, to an unkind word, or someone suggesting I am wrong in my own beliefs….I just let it go and pray for them, I wish them peace and love on their own special path. It doesn’t bother me anymore, and that in itself is a miracle! If your article even saves one little child from the pain and torment that sexual, emotional, verbal or violent abuse causes, then Praise God ~ for you have made a difference in this world!

    May peace, joy and love be yours always. I thank you for writing this wonderful article!


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