Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | December 12, 2011

P.O.P Music Review: Dexter Walker and Zion Movement

Move II: Bring The Choir BackIf you don’t know by now, I am a choir junkie!!! I love that large choir sound with choir robes and traditional choir music backing up earth shattering vibrato notes that only a skillful singer can sing. I bring to you Dexter Walker and Zion Movement and their album entitled Move II: Bring The Choir Back. If your a fan of the traditional mass choir sound, this album is for you. The album opens up with “No Rock” which is sure to please many Sunday Morning worshipers. Remember when the choir use to march down the aisle with robes and hands clapping exuberantly through the aisle as they marched? This is what this song puts you in the mindset of. (A+) The next song “Spread The Word” is a hand clapping foot stompin song that puts you in the mindset of those old testimony songs that use to be sung before Praise and Worship even existed. A real churchy beat and the lyrics straight up tell you how we need to spread the word that Jesus is coming back. Another favorite that I’ve been bumpin is “Your Latter Will Be Greater”. It almost sounds like a New Direction meets Thompson Community Choir (remember them for all you old choir heads). Great song for a youth choir to learn. All in all this album gets an A+ and I can’t wait till the next album comes out. If you have not purchased this CD, run and get it ASAP.


  1. just wanted to say thank you very much!!!

    Dexter Walker


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