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2011 Year End Review: A Few Reason Why 2012 Should Be The Year You Witness Like Never Before The Apostolic Oneness Pentecostal Doctrine To Every Soul You Come In Contact With

****Disclaimer: If you are easily offended, DO NOT WATCH these videos. My purpose is NOT to offend but to enlighten. In your case it might be more safe to just read the synopsis of each video.****

Unfortunately, year-end reviews really don’t focus on the positive. They tend to focus on who died, who divorced who, who was arrested, who’s on drugs, so forth and so on. Whether in written or video form, you can always expect year-end reviews to be about the latest scandals that plagued the nation right before the new year is ushered in. Sad but true.

I’m going to be honest with you. This year-end review DOES start out pretty negative. For a moment, I want to share with you highlights on how strong evil is running rampant on the earth. Sometimes if we can see the wrong road to take concerning our Christian walk and witness the end result thereof, it becomes easier to make the right decisions concerning staying within the confines of the True Church. It then becomes vitally important to witness to as many souls as possible to come out from false doctrine and bring them into His marvelous light. If you think make up, jewelry, pants, women preachers, divorce and remarriage, facial hair and the like are HOTTT TOPICS that denominations within the Apostolic Faith tend to disagree on, you need to take a look at the following videos to see whats really going on in the so-called church world today. Rest assured, after watching these videos, we will be leaving on a positive note ready to embrace 2012 with the victory. But first, watch these videos.

Did you know that Jesus Christ committed suicide??? SHOCKED??? Me too! But according to mega church Pastor Fred Price out in California, he is teaching his entire congregation this heresy. Dont be surprised. Your bible said this would happen. Romans 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. Now do you see why its important to know the Word.

We have Leroy Thompson preaching yet another prosperity sermon. While he preaches, the members are randomly walking up to him putting money in his hands. As if you can pay for the gospel. He explains how this is all divine. Later you will see his members waking to the altar throwing money down. This is the type of church your next door neighbor is going to. Rest assured, if they aren’t doing it now in your neighbors church, their Pastor will be trying to get them to do this very soon. Its called the “monkey see-monkey do” syndrome.

Turn to your neighbor and say F.U.! Yeah I said it. But see Saints, I’m not really cursing because according to Jamal Bryant and some other random mega preacher, F.U. means forgive you. I forgive you for all the wrong you’ve done. Matter of fact, we are even going to sell F.U. t-shirts in the church bookstore. Yup that’s right! F.U. t-shirts. Now you and I both know that F.U. is a CURSE and has nothing to do with Forgive You. Saints, I’m trying to keep you aware of whats going on. This is really happening and spreading in the pulpit. Watch these videos if you don’t believe me.

How about Lester Love who does not want to expound on negative but preach only positive things. By the way, he preaches so much “love” that he takes R&B and Hip Hop songs and converts them to gospel songs. Then he takes those songs and turns his entire sanctuary into a club and in the pulpit where the preacher would normally stand, he replaces it with a DJ while the congregation dances. You don’t believe me, WATCH THE VIDEO!

To wrap up this year-end review, if you though the videos above was something, look at Mega Pastor in Nigeria David Oyedepo who has people kneeling at the altar for what looks like a deliverance service. In it, a woman claims she is a witch for Jesus. This eventually prompts the Pastor to slap her, then tells her she is not set for deliverance and is free to go to hell. YES, I said he SLAPPED her. Watch the video.

After watching these videos, it is clear to see that we that have the Truth cannot sit comfortably in our pews and wait until Jesus comes. Watching these videos should stir the Holy Ghost on the inside of you to witness like never before and help show these people there is a more excellent way. It’s not enough to sit in church with your bedazzled church hat, or your black and white pilgrim missionary uniform on and not have a desire to compel people to Christ. It’s not enough to preach we don’t watch tv and that our women wear long uncut hair and yet sit there and invite no one to hear the Truth coming from a Pastor that preaches The Truth. It’s not enough for you to say we wear cotton stockings and our men shave our face and don’t wear beards. It’s not enough to boast in no women preachers. It’s not enough to just pay your tithes and be complacent in the House of God. God has work for you to do. You hear me. REAL WORK! So what are you going to do now that you really know what goes behind the closed doors of these mega churches. Are you gonna sit there passively and look for Christ to crack the sky, or are you going to work while its day, for when night cometh, no man can work.

As promised, we are going out of the new year with a bang. Here are some videos I found that took place this year that is sure to bless your soul.

Here is a Christmas Day Service where a soul was baptised in Jesus Name at a random Apostolic Church. Thais THIS YEAR, 2011, just a few days ago. What a mighty God we serve.

Here is another clip of an Indian man (by his dress I can tell he was of the Hindu tradition). He is being baptised in Jesus Name.

Apostolics taking it to the street. Oh how I love street services. Here is a clip back in July of 2011 with IPC Church.

Union City Apostolic Praise Team singing at an Altar Call this year 2011. WOW, you can feel the mighty move of God in this church. AMAZING to say the least. See, I told you this post would get positive. This is what YOUR brothers and sisters do every Sunday. I so cant wait to meet all these Saints when we get to heaven. Might I add that is ONE HOTT BAND! I love good music.

Here is another clip of Union City Apostolic Church Choir singing and shouting before the Lord in a great Apostolic service. Lawd I to get to California.

While churches boast 20,000 members in some of these mega churches, we in America can boast in the North American Youth Congress 2011 which drew some 20,000+ youth in Ohio this year. All Oneness Pentecostal believers. All hope is NOT lost I promise you. There are still those holding on to the truth.

The Apostolic Church is visible. Oneness Pentecostal believers still exist and Holiness is still right and being preached in pulpits world-wide. I WILL NOT COMPROMISE THIS MESSAGE IN 2012! Do you hear what I say. NO COMPROMISE! It is still holiness or hell. They come against me all the time saying I preach too much holiness. I will NOT play with your soul. Holiness can be found in all 66 books of the bible so I have a right and you have a right to preach holy, live holy, and BE HOLY for He is holy. Rejoice, because your latter will be greater in 2012. Keep your eyes on JESUS and not these false prophets that seemingly abound. Be blessed in Jesus Name and I look forward to great signs, wonders, and miracles our Lord Jesus Christ will perform through his children come 2012.

Bless you in Jesus Name and Happy New Year!




  2. amen,it is never to late.i was baptized with the holy gost in the name of jesus when i was 40 years old.5 years later i am still addictions and a hole new outlook on life.the world is name it i tried it.women,drugs,alcohol,gambiling,seek the name that is above all names jesus he can set you free.

  3. I share in your joy. GOD is GREA!!!!!! I love hearing those type of testimonies…

  4. Where’s the video’s of fred price& the other ones mention in year end review( pope of pentecost)?.

  5. The videos can be seen only on the actual website/blog on the internet. The videos did not come through the email for some reason. So log on to the internet and come to the site directly and you will see the videos. Be blessed.


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