Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | January 5, 2012

P.O.P. Music Review: Bishop C.E. White Presents Taking it Back to Church


“Join Bishop C. E. White and the St. John Apostolic Church family on this journey down memory lane.  Bishop White sings songs of old that are sure to stir your spirit and put joy in your feet!”

I lived in Atlanta for a total of 7 years, HOWEVER, that was over a 15 year period. (yes, I returned to Atlanta 4 times). While I was in college back in the mid 90s I was a member of St. John Apostolic Holiness Church. Thats actually where I was baptised in Jesus Name long long ago.  I was just 19 years old and a fire-ball.. (Yes, I know I was at Love Fellowship since 14 but we didn’t have a pool for baptism….long story) Bishop White took me down himself in Jesus Name, and you know I came up out the water speaking in tongues and shouting. I sooo remember that day. He told me “Brother, they are gonna call you Jesus Only, but who cares, because it was ONLY JESUS that saved you”.

Now for the album review. I’m floored that there are 2 Praise Breaks on this album. Rightfully so, this church has crazy stomp down church every time they open the doors. I mean the DANCING they do is surreal. While all the songs seem to be in written in the same key, same tune, and same beat, this does not negate the fact that this is not a solid old-time Pentecostal album particularly from the Southern Gospel Region of the United States. I say that because up north in New York City, I didn’t grow up on any of these songs. If you’re looking for that old school Pentecostal Apostolic feel coupled with 2 urban gospel praise breaks, this will surely be the album for you. I’m proud to have once been a part of St. John and look forward to the many positive reviews this album will receive.


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