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Building Up Yourselves In Your Most Holy Faith Lesson 1: Consistently Pray In The Holy Ghost

Without faith it is impossible to please God. Since it is the believers sincere desire to be pleasing to the Lord Jesus Christ, one must sit down and ask himself the various ways one can please the Lord through faith. We can find this answer in the Word of God.  Jude 1:20 is emphatically clear that we must pray in the Holy Ghost.

Christianity calls for an individual to be spirit filled. This is not an option. Regardless of if you refer to the Spirit of God as The Holy Ghost, or the Holy Spirit, both terms are one in the same. We are at a big advantage because the Old Testament Saints did not have the Holy Ghost dwelling on the inside of them. We clearly see how hard their lives were. Imagine having to go through rituals year after year, pulling out a big list of do’s and don’t’s. Dont eat shellfish, don’t work on the sabbath day, and the list goes on and on. No longer do we have to follow strict Levitical ceremonial laws. Instead, we still follow the moral laws God gave us and added to that the indwelling of the Holy Ghost which allows us to live a morally victorious life of purity sanctified for the Masters use. So to teach against the Holy Ghost is to teach against the Word of God. Now that we have a “well of water springing up unto everlasting life” on the inside of us, we can use this bountiful water to never thirst again. The Holy Ghost indwelling in the lives of the believer allows us to never thirst again. Jude admonishes us that if we pray in the Holy Ghost, we build up our faith. So in other words, when we are faithless, prayer in the Holy Ghost causes us to have faith. When we need that “quicker picker upper” its prayer in the Holy Ghost that guarantees us to get picked up. If you want to please God while simultaneously building up your own holy faith, we must seek to learn how to pray as the Spirit prompts us.

So how do we pray in the Holy Ghost? First we must learn in 2012 that the Lord Jesus Christ is not the pagan god Santa Claus. We don’t make this big grocery list and sit on his lap telling him everything we want and then expect him to say ok. No sir. Here is a quote I found that I feel would be most beneficial to you:

“The best brief statement I have found of what it means to pray in the Holy Spirit goes like this: It means “so to pray that the Holy Spirit is the moving and guiding power.”The key words there are “moving” and “guiding.” In other words, when you pray in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God is “moving” you to pray. That is, he is the one who motivates and enables and energizes your prayer. And when you pray in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God is “guiding” how you pray and what you pray for. So, to pray in the Holy Spirit is to be moved and guided by the Holy Spirit in prayer. We pray by his power and according to his direction.” (Learning to Pray in the Spirit AND THE WORD by Pastor John Piper)

In other words, we must trust God (here is where YOUR FAITH comes in) to give us the Holy Spirit, and in return move us/lead us to pray what we need to pray for through the Spirit that lives within. When we allow God to do this through us, our faith begins to increase. For example, lets say its time to pray and the Spirit leads you to pray for someone in your church that needs a physical healing. You begin to intercede and pray for that person and then the person tells you how God miraculously healed them. Or better yet, its 1:35pm and God has you drop to your knees to pray for someone who might be in trouble. You don’t know this, but while praying at 1:35pm this person is being held up by a gun, and the robber all of a sudden throws the gun one way and runs the other way. Now that’s what I call praying in the Spirit. These are just extreme examples that I’m using. Notice how praying in the Holy Ghost focuses on the need God wants you to focus on and not the selfish needs our flesh tend to crave.

Let your prayers be shaped by the Word of God. You can guarantee your faith to increase by praying in the Holy Ghost using Gods Word as a manual to victory. “But the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be  uttered” (Rom. 8:26).  The Word of God promises us that the Spirit will make intercession for us. Simply because we are Spirit filled, we can rest assured the Holy Ghost will prompt us and then make intercession for us. To constantly pray in the Holy Ghost simply means to not pray according to your flesh will and desire, but praying according to the prompting of the Spirit in your life. 2012 should be a year for all of us to sit the flesh down once and for all and allow the Holy Ghost to push is into increasing our Faith.

It was my goal to give you a boost in your spiritual walk today. 2011 is gone and 2012 is here. There is still much work to be done. In my view, the only way we can get the job done is by relying on our faith in God. 2011 faith is not enough for us to rely on. We must build  on the faith that we already possess so that we can do greater works for Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Tune in, as next Monday, we will talk about how to stay motivated by keeping ourselves in the love of God. A sure way to build yourself in your most holy faith.

Be blessed this week in Jesus Name.



  1. Great blog, great content, Great articles, Great God…You’re investment online is your investment into lives that will influence many.

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  3. Great info. in this article. Jesus paid a dear price for us to receive the Holy Ghost, so it is vital that we use it as one of our strategic weapons of our spiritual arsenal. I have discovered after praying in the Holy Ghost that I experience a spiritual refreshing in my spirit as well as my mind. After the Spirit moves often you can not remember what the problem was that was bothering you and most certainly the degree of mindspace the problem occupied has been vacated by the peace above understanding and a recalling of the Word of God pertaining to the situation. This is truly an awesome God given privelege that we would be wise to factor into our daily lives. Praise God in Jesus name for His Goodness and Mercy !

  4. This is message from the spirit of God. I wish many we recive it. MAY GOD EMPOWER YOU


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