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The Pentecostal Apostolic Message Is Still Right In 2014 – Its Still Holiness Or The Highway To Hell!


Change is inevitable. Every 365 days we change years. People change. Places of employment change. Even church doctrine changes. But there is one thing that has not change and will remain forever and that’s HOLINESS. I’m here to declare once and for all that HOLINESS IS STILL RIGHT! Your church doctrine may have changed, you may have dropped holiness standards, and you might feel that it doesn’t take all of that. You may even feel the necessity to keep up with the times and change the name of your church all together to reflect a more socially accepting name. But rest assured, the Word of God has not changed.

You see, to change the Word of God in essence attempts to change GOD HIMSELF. Or did you forget that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. You might have also forgotten that in verse 14th of John chapter 1 it clearly says that the Word became flesh. Ask yourself this question, if God hasn’t changed, why have you? If God doesn’t go there, why do you? If God told you not to put that on, then what makes you big enough to wear it? If God told you not to say that, why did you say it in the first place? Did it ever occur to you that the bible transcends every culture, every race, every nationality, every kindred and every tongue and that same bible crosses generational spans and has yet to change?

Tear Acts 2:38 out the bible if you want, the Word has already been established and cannot be removed. You still must be born of water and spirit to get into heaven. Watch your tv, your movies, listen to your rap and hip hop and rock music if you want, the Word still declares to come out from among them and be ye separate. Men wear your skirts and women wear your pants, God still demands a distinction between male and female. Skip your church services and eat from YouTube Bread Of Life Temple, your still forsaking the assembly of fellowshipping with other Christians. Preach your sermons on prosperity and wealth, the bible still says blessed are the POOR in  spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. We can go on and on and on with scriptural proofs on why the world is still wrong and holiness is still right yet at the end of the day, most will still be non believers. And that’s ok, you have that right.

In 2014 ask yourself what you have done to be holier today than yesterday. How can I be more pleasing to God? What worldly activity can I give up in order to ensure I don’t offend the Spirit living on the inside of me? How much longer can I stay on my knees and pray? How many MORE days can I fast this week? How many more souls can I witness to? How many more bible studies can I give? 2014 is the year of MORE for God, not less. The less you give to Him, the closer you are to not finishing the race. Does a marathon runner cut corners and deviate from the prescribed path? NO! That disqualifies them. Can you effectively do your job by only working half a day and turning in only 50% of the work assigned to you? NO, you’ll loose your job. Treat your Christian walk as such. The more I do internally and externally (including what you might thing is extra credit) the better off I’ll be to finishing the race and hearing well done from our Lord Jesus Christ. This is NOT salvation by works, this is just your reasonable service.

Have a Happy New Year.


  1. AMEN!!!!

  2. Tear Acts 2:38 out the bible if you want, the Word has already been established and cannot be removed. You still must be born of water and spirit to get into heaven.

    There is no need to tear this verse out. I say interpret it in its correct context. I have asked this question to many of the friends, but I can never get an answer. Acts 2:38 tells the Jews to repent and be baptized for the remission of sin, and Acts 3:19 Peter tells another group of Jews to repent and convert to blot out their sins. My question: which is the correct way? Baptism or converting.

    • We first have to remember this. There is only one way to be saved and thats being born of water and spirit. No matter how the bible may word the new birth experience (depending on the crowd that is being preached to) it always ends up with the biblical form of salvation. Water and Spirit must be present. Did you know that Acts 3:19 is the cross reference to Acts 2:38. Both mean the same thing. As with most cross references, you usually get a bigger picture of what is being explained as you go from one cross reference to another. Jesus says to be born of water and spirit. In Acts 2:38 Peter preachers how to be born of water and spirit (initial salvation message). Now in Acts 3:19 Peter has a very specific message to say to the onlookers who marveled at the person that was just healed. He first tells them not to marvel. Its no good, no holiness, nothing of themselves that they did on their own. Now, Bro. Peter tells them how this miracle happened. He reminds them about good ole Jesus who they crucified. They denied Him. They killed Him. The one who is holy. This very man Jesus is the one who gave the power to heal this man. Peter tells them how they did all of this to Jesus in ignorance. But hey, here is your opportunity NOW to make it right. He admonished them to repent (first step to salvation) they need to turn from their sins. Then he tells them to be converted. Well, the only way to be converted is found in the cross reference Acts 2:38. He said this conversion is going to blott out their sins. How in the world can your sins be blotted out / removed. Through Jesus Name baptism. Thats the only way. Revival breaks out and 5,000 believe. But go into Chapter 4 of Acts and read the rest of the story. More preaching takes place. More conversion takes place. Go to Acts 5. This is going to be proof that these folks had to have obeyed ACts 2:38. Acts 5:14 says And believers were the more added to the Lord, multitudes both of men and women. How can you be “added” unto the Lord unless you not only where baptized in His name, but also received the Holy Ghost. Romans 8:9 tells us if you dont have the Spirit of Christ, you are none of his. Clearly, in order for these people to have been added unto the Lord, they had to have received the Holy Ghost as well.

      When you convert, you will be baptised in Jesus Name and receive the Holy Ghost. I pray this helped.


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