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Your Free To Be A Slave

As I sit here at my desk, I start to begin to think about how good God is. How sovereign He consistently has been to all of us. I am in awe at how God can be God, righteous, holy, all-knowing, and still patiently wait for the unsaved to come to their senses and run to Him. Newspapers tell us of all type of horrible things the world is indulging in. Divorce is at an all time high. Marriage has been redefined by the worlds standards. Christianity is the laughing-stock of America when it comes to reality tv shows and Pastors have no intention of savings souls. What in the world do you do when you live in this type of world?

Friend, I tell you what we can do, we can keep on keeping on. I have yet to regret being baptised in Jesus Name and receiving the infilling of the Holy Ghost. I have yet to see God fail for its impossible for Him to fail. My level of trust in God has matured from milk to meat. My Pastor was sick unto death and God healed him (and I saw the brain scans for myself). Love ones have died, tragedy has happened in the lives of believers yet God has remained faithful, just and true.

My goal this year is to scratch off as many of my needs as possible off the prayer list of my heart and fill my prayer list with the needs of others. My goal is to pull people out of the fiery pit of hell and bring them to a God that can clean them up, turn them around, and place their feet on solid ground. Since being saved, God has fulfilled every need in my life and I cant help but to be sold out to Him. If being saved and sanctified is bondage, then I welcome the chains around my neck and feet so long as Jesus “drags me by my chains” with Him home when He comes back. I, like Paul, welcome being a bondservant (a slave; one who is bound to service without wages). I have been made FREE to be a SLAVE to Christ and that’s something to shout about.

I say all of that to say this, there is not much different between December 31 and January 1st. The world says its a new year. But to me, it’s another day God has kept me and allowed me to simply say THANK YOU for saving me, keeping me, and allowing me to be a “walking advertisement” of what the gospel truly represents. Watch the preachers of L.A. if you want and you’ll be lost if you think “they” are going to point you to God. Instead, why don’t you turn to your Word and obey it and I can guarantee each of you, you WILL gain eternal life.

Bless you today.


  1. All I can say in the midst of the controversy and misalignment of God’s Word…”save yourself from this untoward generation”. The Bible spoke of these times and that the end would not come without a great falling away first. I, for one, shall forever uphold apostolic doctrinal principles and biblical holiness. Let’s keep praying for those whom God is keeping from the world as Jesus did in St John chapter 17. Have a Jesus joy day.

  2. I am looking for a PAW church in the Orlando…I visit one PAW church since I moved to Orlando and yet to find another one…Please, please, help me find few PAW churches in the Orlando area. I visited “The Word of God church” but still would like to visit two or three more before i make my decision. I was born in Jamaica, so I would definitely like to attend a church of diversity with some of my culture engraved it in…Thanks a million

  3. God bless U. Just Thanking God for The Rich History of the Apostolic faith which God is preserving for His Glory. Truth Crushed to the earth shall rise.

  4. Great great read. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I just came across this web site today and wow what a breath of fresh air.

    These times make it so easy to live a shameful life and I just thank god that I and my family know him and truly hope we can grow to know him more.

    Thank you


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