Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | March 26, 2014

The Voices Of Pentecost

In between being a good Apostolic husband, work, going to church faithfully, and becoming a future father as of this coming September, Im also the leader of The Voices of Pentecost. A gospel ensemble i started almost two years ago. Well, we are in the process of recording our first album and guess what? I wrote all the songs. This blog was just the beginning. After meeting my wife, I found out that I could write music. It took me like 4 months to knock out 13 songs and get them into the studio for full production. After all these years of sining on famous church and community choirs, i finally get to out out doctrinally sound music for the masses.

Id like for you guys to like and follow me on facebook. Go to and be on the look out for our album entitled Truth Revealed this summer 2014.


  1. Apostolic greetings ….. my utmost prayers to the new family addition and release of your first CD. I anxiously await it’s presence on the retail market.


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