Posted by: Apostolic Oneness Pentecostals | April 6, 2015

Homegoing Service Annoucement Of Bishop William L Bonner


Ironically I was home in NYC when Bishop Bonner passed away this weekend. For Easter this year I decided to take my entire family home to NYC so that all my aunts and uncles, cousins and grandma could see my new baby girl. While out shopping I received the text message around 2:39 PM that Bishop had passed. Bishop Bonner was my Pastor twice. Once in NYC at the Mother church and second at the Columbia Church. I can remember him laying hands on me and telling me to “fill my mouth with praise” or he’d say “tell Jesus I love you”. Then he would spin me around and I’d be carried off by the altar workers. Hahahaha, I laugh to myself because those “Bonner” prayer lines were legendary in their own right. Im going to miss him conducting those 6 AM prayers at the convention.  I am so glad I got to sit under his leadership and am a part of the generation that knew him first hand. I can tell you this man believed in the Apostolic doctrine! From his mouth to my ears he taught on holiness, separation from the world, he taught on the dress code of the Saints, women preachers, marriage and divorce with a living spouse and who can forget the positive thinking series which impacted my life along with many others. There was no subject he didnt touch on and for that Im thankful.  Im sad, but I rejoice knowing that I will see him again.

COOLJC, we stand in prayer with you during this time of sorrow.


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